Padded Walls

Some days I feel like I really do need padded walls. The ones I'm referring to though belong to my new book. The one that I'm working on constantly in my head until it drives me crazy. There's a lot of that going around these days. A lot of my friends in the HWG are working on books, submitting books, or researching their next book. We tend to get so absorbed in our work that we forget there are other people in the world.

Tuesday I had the pleasure of hanging out in the hot tub with one of my best girlfriends J. We talked and soaked for an entire hour that went by in a blink. God love our girlfriends. They are the Padded Walls that keep us sane, which is actually a major part of my new books. I guess the whole hot tub thing I can chalk up as research! LOL

Off to spend the morning with a cup of amazing coffee and writing. There's a surprise.


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