A Great Use for Writing Prompts

I have a new dust collector for my bookshelf. Okay, it's really not a dust collector.

I am pleased to announce that the rough copy for my YA novel The Mural is done aside from a quick revision before my junior and senior (I use that word very loosely) get their mitts on it. As with the three other novels I've written in the past three years, it was sewn together from several prompts written in my writer's group. As well as vignettes I've written while my kids were doing karate classes.

Writing prompts are wonderful things to get your imagination stirring so you can add to novels or just write to create something new. This weekend I had the pleasure of attending a Writing Reteat out at Eramosa Eden. It was fun to play word games and practice the art of alliteration - using repetitive initial sounds in adjacent words. In other words, writing a short story or paragraph in which as many words as possible start with the same letter or sound.

I have to admit, I was not very keen on the concept at first, but found it a good exercise in seeing how many different words you know that use that sound or letter. Who knew you could make an entire paragraph using words that begin with U? I do now and I'm very impressed that Clare could!

Now that I'm done procrastinating, it's back to revising. I'd like to print my new novel off for revision before the kids are out of school next week.
Keep Writing!


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