A New Year, but not new goals

Happy New Year to you all.
I haven't made Resolutions per se. My goals are perpetual. Get my books published and make more ME time. Neither is easy to do with three kids and a job, but I'm managing.

I am currently in the editing-like-crazy mode as far as two of my novels are concerned. Book 1: The Bookstore Lady and Book 2: Date with a Dead Guy will be making the rounds again this year. Ah, the polishing phase.
By the end of January, I WILL be ready to resume the hunt for an agent/publisher and move on to edits of Book 3: Padded Walls and writing Book 4: ????.

I had a wonderful time at our Headwaters Writers' Guild meeting yesterday. I was leading and decided to simplify the prompt for once. Usually we end up with anywhere from 5-10 items to choose from. I gave everyone one, which extended into two due to the conversations we were having.
1) Why do you write?
2) Who are you?
The responses people gave were incredible. Similar, yet from such totally different perspective that it was invigorating to hear them all. I came home last night and settled right down to write.

Usually I do most of my writing during the week while I'm not at work and the kids are at school. Last week I was sidelined while my youngest had the flu. Did get time to brainstorm and do some research though. Sometimes you just have to take the moments that you can. For example, I'm writing this while at home on my lunch break!

Hope you all have a happy and productive 2011.


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