I've been working on The Bookstore Lady, getting edits done so I can submit it again. I've had some wonderful friends giving me some input and they all made some great suggestions. Today, in itself, was draining. I was at home with 2 sick kids, mourning the loss of an uncle and dealing with some issues in my writing group. Submitting a novel was the lowest item on my list, until...

Until I received an email from an agent I'd queried in March 2010. For some reason, a lot of queries she'd been sent were dumped into her junk mail box. She recently found mine and promised to read it over. Since I'd made so many changes in the past year, I replied to her and sent the changes, hoping that I was not out of line. I guess I'll find out in a few weeks when she gets back to me.

I have to admit, that made me feel a bit better and gave me hope when the whole day was full of thunderstorms and frustration. Some days all it takes to get our creativity and energy flowing again is a bolt from the blue.

Or an email you never thought you'd receive.


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