Dragging My Feet into Spring

Wow, a whole month without a post? How did that happen?
Oh, yeah. Vacation. Work. Editing until my eyes resemble red computer monitors...
Lately, however, it seems the muses are not only tapping my shoulder for a little attention, they're smacking me right over the head! Last night I attended a workshop put on by our local library which was led by Richard Scarsbrook, former high school teacher and current teacher at Humber College. Part 2 of a 5 part series. Very inspiring. So much so I itched to get home and at my computer so I could Facebook my friends about it. Kidding.
Last week, I attended a talk at the library by one of my writing friends Jayne E. Self. Jayne has two wonderful murder mysteries called "Murder in Hum Harbour" and "Death of a Highland Heavyweight." The room was packed, Jayne was nervous but did a wonderful job teaching us all how to pick a murder victim.
What do the muses forsee in the future?
Harry Posner's release of "A Softness in Her Eyes" on April 5th at Booklore.
Clare McCarthy's release of "Meandering" on April 11th at Booklore.
The 3rd installment of Richard Scarsbrook's workship on April 22.
Harry's talk "Poetic Notes from a Novelist" at the library on April 23rd about his book "Charivari."
And that's only April!

Very inspiring to see the release of so many new, amazing books, especially while I'm furiously editing mine! Still awaiting word on The Bookstore Lady, which is with 4 publishers. One publisher who rejected it, gave me wonderful insight and an amazing rejection letter. It gave me a the ability to fix a couple points that stuck out and I'd overlooked. Deja Vu is in it's final phase before I send if off to my agent for her to read through and edit.

As for works in progress, I have so many things I'd love to work on! They all wait in the queue. I have one novel to complete before I'll move on to editing some YA pieces.

Right after I update Facebook, do some spring cleaning and....


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