Silver Linings

Things have been a little hectic in my life over the past couple of months. I've been sidelined by some crazy allergies to things I never thought I was allergic to, I've gone on a doctor supervised elimination diet to try to weed them all out. The list seems to grow daily as I add things back into my diet. Things like green tea, honey and dairy products and that's just the first of many I'm sure. Yikes. Certainly a life changer.

Another life changer was my oldest son turning 18 this year. Wow. I'm so excited for him. Such a realm of possibilities are opening up for him! University. A job. Travel. My biggest wish for him is to live the life he loves. To find joy in every day life.

Joy can elude us so easily, can slip from our fingers and be replaced by darkness, frustration and despair. I have tried to raise all my kids to find a silver lining. To look for the positives even in the negatives. A Pollyanna view? Perhaps, but good is always there lurking.

My writing career has stalled for the past couple of months as I deal with my health issues and "real life" took over. Too busy to write, to edit, to think. Too distracted by all the big things to bother with sitting and focusing.

Then came a rainy Monday.

Stuck at home with cranky weather, no vehicle and a bad mood, I sat and I wrote. As I wrote, emails came in from my agent. More rejections, but with it came more possibilities and the request for a sample of my latest manuscript. The one I was working on right that minute. A silver lining.

Now I face the excitement of a new deadline and karate classes with a possible grading.

Better get cracking!


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