Special Guest Appearance!

I will be appearing on Southern Writers Magazine Blog "Suite T" on Aug 4, 2014 to chat about the excuses we make as writers. Be sure to stop by and say hello. 

I also appear tomorrow (Aug 3) on my publisher's blog: Inside Books We Love.

What else have I been up to since I haven't updated my own blog in a while? A lovely vacation with the kids to the beach. We had a great time playing miniature golf, checking out a lighthouse, swimming in Lake Huron, riding a Yak Board, eating spider dogs and hanging out with some fabulous friends! 

A walk upon the beach every day is great for the soul! All the little things were washed away we were left with laughs and a tan. 

The great news is The Bookstore Lady and The Mystery Lady are both being released into print soon from Books We Love Ltd. and will be available in bookstore catalogues soon! Pictures will follow. 
I have also finished edits on Death of a Jaded Samurai, which is back in the hands of my wonderful agent. Fingers crossed as she submits my book to a promising publisher. 
In the meantime, I have a zillions things to update and some final edits to The Bakery Lady for November release. So glad I've had a few days to kick back and relax! I'll be back to work in full force next week.

Hope you all get time to relax and pick up a good book!


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