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Welcome to Canadian thriller writer and one of my inspiring WCYR Write-In buddies, 

Gary McGugan!

Gary D. McGugan

 I'm in love with the same special lady for more than five decades. Together, we celebrate a daughter, a son, a daughter-in-law, and three outstanding grandkids. Our family is close and tightly knit. We live nearby. We travel together. And we love to share life.

Writing started after a 40-year career in the world of business. I’ve worked in a supermarket, sold appliances, distributed motorcycles, launched an automobile dealer network, and provided financing to help businesses grow. Every industry was very different from the other. Each company had a distinctive culture and character, but all were units of large corporations with operations around the globe.
Travel has always been a large component of my business roles. I visited almost every city, town, and hamlet in Canada while leading sales and marketing activities for the motorcycle, then the automobile, division of Suzuki Motor Company’s Canadian subsidiary.

Another sales leadership role took me to most states of the USA with ITT Corporation.

I visited all EU countries while living and working in Europe for several years – spearheading the creation of a new business unit for Deutsche Bank.

And responsibilities with a unit of GE Capital allowed me to explore and create new businesses with several countries in Asia and Latin America.

Experts say we should write about things we know best. In my case, those subjects are business, travel, and people. As an author, my goal is to entertain people around the world – one reader at a time.

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What would you say are your strengths as an author?

I like to write quick-paced stories, with short chapters, and lots of twists and turns. I know many readers are pressed for time and squeeze their reading into brief segments. With short chapters, readers feel comfortable devoting whatever time they have available and know they can pick up from where they left off without missing a beat!

How often do you write, and do you write using a strict routine?

When I’m working on a new book, I devote every morning to writing. I also exercise every afternoon and walk 1-2 hours at a good pace, with no headset, earphones, or other distractions. I write the next chapter as I walk. The following morning, I put to paper the chapter I created in my mind.

Five years from now, where do you see yourself as a writer?

I’ve written one novel per year since I penned Three Weeks Less a Day in 2016. During the next five years, I expect to continue creating entertaining novels but sprinkle a work of non-fiction or two into the mix.

If you could offer one piece of advice to a novice writer, what would it be?

Without any doubt, the most useful advice I can give is to find and join a writers’ group. A good community of writers offers wonderful opportunities to network with other writers, connect with many useful resources and learn the craft of writing from experienced experts. I’m a member of the Writers’ Community of York Region in Canada. Our group of almost 100 writers does all those things, and also welcomes members from outside our geographic area. With the pandemic, all workshops are via Zoom so members can attend wherever they live. I also heard our guest speaker on Sunday, February 21 will be Diane Bator!  WCYR members and non-members can register to participate here:

What would you consider to be the best compliment a reader could give your book?

“I had trouble putting it down!” Whenever I hear that from a reader, I know I’ve done my job well and told a story that was entertaining regardless of the plot or subtext.

What are you working on now?

I’m working with graphic artists to finalize my newest story, A Web of Deceit. Paperback and eBook versions are scheduled for release on March 1, 2021. I think A Web of Deceit is my most creative story yet. I use characters from all my earlier novels and give them interesting twists in an international suspense thriller that takes place in the early days of an unfolding global pandemic. It’s a self-contained story but readers will enjoy it even more if they’ve read some of my earlier works!



Fate, misfortune and opportunity entangle three rivals in a quick-paced suspense thriller.

·       CEO Suzanne Simpson fends off accusations of corporate money laundering on two continents as a global pandemic wreaks havoc on Multima Supermarkets.

·       Fugitive Howard Knight flees from the Caribbean to Asia, trying desperately to elude both an Interpol Red Notice and a dangerous criminal outfit called The Organization.

·       Fidelia Morales stakes her role as head of a powerful criminal element on an outrageous cyber scheme to steal millions from corporations around the globe.




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