Debra Jones reveals The Successful Healer Book and Affirmation Cards


Welcome to healer and author, Debra Jones!

Debra Jones, known as "The Healer's Healer," is an award-winning Alternative Healing Professional with over twenty years of experience. She has featured in THE WELLNESS STORY documentary and wellness TV talk shows, written for several health publications, and founded ‘Red Tent Ontario’, ‘The Successful Healer Academy’, and ‘Own The Gray’ and ‘Lunch with a Healer’ podcasts.

Debra grew up in England, and obtained her first diploma in child studies, setting off for Canada at nineteen to be a nanny. Her second diploma in interior design was obtained while the baby slept, allowing her to open her first business in interior decorating. The subtle differences that she found in environmental energies prompted her to obtain her third diploma as a Feng Shui practitioner. Operating her second business harmonizing the energy in buildings, she discovered that it was also necessary to clear and align the people within these buildings. Debra thus obtained her fourth diploma as Reiki Master and opened her third business – Debra Jones Healing Centre – where she shares her experiences, knowledge, and wisdom to help others succeed.





What was the most difficult section/piece you ever wrote? What made it difficult? 

The Successful Healer is my first book. The process of writing my second book will be so much easier, mainly because the unknown has become known, but also because I've learned about my own process as a writer. What works and what doesn't, and I have all the resources, wisdom and knowledge I need to self-publish again. I have gained confidence in sharing my voice, learned to overcome 'imposter syndrome' and other debilitating hindrances. I have personally evolved with the experience.

One of the most challenging chapters to write was the conclusion.  In the book planning stages, I had specific ideas about what would be written in this section. The book took five years to complete. During that time, and as a result of the writing process, my vision had evolved.  What I thought I knew at the start was different from what I had discovered along the journey. My original ideas for this last chapter no longer applied.

Another challenge appeared while writing the first chapter. The chapter is about root chakra problems relating to belief systems, a sense of safety and security, and the ability to manifest. My business slowed right down and activated fears and self-worth issues.  Thankfully, I recognized that the experience helped me relate to what I was writing, prompting me to use the wisdom and tools I was writing about. Going forward, I found my own successful healing business aligning with the lessons as I wrote them. It was a fascinating, eye-opening experiment. Uncomfortable at times, especially when old issues came back up for healing on an even deeper level.

What sort of research do you do for your work? 

The book contains the experiences and wisdom gained from over twenty years as a healer, mentor, and teacher. To obtain a greater perspective, I interviewed 24 healers from all over the world, asking them similar questions.  This process was most rewarding as it revealed insight that would never have been available to me. I discovered an exciting yet comforting realization that the methods of finding and maintaining balance were similar from healer to healer. This insight helped me in my business, and now the secret could be shared with others too.

It took five years to be published because I chose to conduct extensive research of healer's methods and wisdom gained. I also wanted to learn about the entire book creation process. I needed to know all the pros and cons of self-publishing vs. using a publishing house. Pushing ego aside, I decided to self-publish. I love to learn new things as much as I love to save money. So, I committed to the time-consuming research process of watching hours of YouTube videos, book publishing training courses, learning new formatting software, designing a book cover, all the way to the best book printing company. I'm SO glad I did.

Which books and authors do you read for pleasure? Is there an author that inspires you? 

Becoming an author has given me a new-found appreciation for all authors. I like to read books written by healers because everyone has their own unique methods and insight. I chose to read some of these books as research for my own book, and they helped round-out my ideas. I am most inspired by author Dr. Alberto Villoldo. This medical anthropologist spent twenty-five years in the amazon jungle learning Shamanic Healing from the natives. I use much of the wisdom and techniques that he shares in my own healing practice. He also taught me a way to creating your book is to envision it completed. Feel what life would feel like after it has been published and work backwards from that feeling.

Was there a person who encouraged you to write? 

I had always believed that I had a book inside me but had no idea how to start. So, I took a one-day workshop called How To Write Your Brilliantly Successful "How-To" Book with the author, Yvonne Oswald. The course manual's subtitle was "in two weeks or less." Not my own experience, down to my choice to research the industry, but it initiated the process and pointed me in the right direction. When the almost-final draft was complete, I enlisted the support of two trusted healer friends whose feedback I knew would be constructive. I needed eagle eyes to review and challenge any inconsistencies and flesh out ideas. I am indebted to these two for the hours they spent helping me create a book that I am proud to have authored.

What would you say are your strengths as an author? 

It was only in the last year that I knuckled down to get the book finished. I lived and breathed the book, in between running a busy healing practice. I revised and revised and restructured and reformatted until my perfectionistic streak was exhausted. I decided to get out of my own way.  In my attempt to avoid failure, I realized that "done is better than perfect." As a self-publisher, I took comfort that I could correct any errors (if any were found) and simply re-upload the manuscript to the printer. That satisfied any self-judgement.

Shortly after my book was published, three healers that were featured in the book collaborated to create a set of Affirmation Cards to support the concepts in the book. Then a year after my book was published, I applied the book’s concept to create The Successful Healer Academy, an online school of Energy Medicine. This was my ‘COVID-19 Project’ and a way to pivot my business during lockdowns. My goal is to create courses based on the material in my book.

(See more below)

How often do you write, and do you write using a strict routine? 

My process for writing subsequent books will take life-balance more into consideration. Producing a book is no exchange for living a healthy, balanced life.  Becoming an author is not for the faint of heart, but the rewards, most definitely supersede the struggles.


Every solopreneur experiences isolation and overwhelm from time to time. Whether you’re starting, growing or realigning your healing business, The Successful Healer meets you where you are.
With business decisions to make and clients to attract, sometimes you wish you had a roadmap. Well, here it is!

Using this book as a guide to awakening your innate wisdom, you’ll discover new approaches to self-care and powerful techniques to dissolve any sense of paralysis or burden.

The Successful Healer gives you the resources for solving challenges and practical tools for work/life balance.

  • Gain insight into other healers’ lives, including how they've resolved the issues you’re having right now.
  • When you find yourself in a state of confusion, stagnancy or burn out, The Successful Healer supports and nourishes you.
  • Get back on track with a healthy perspective and the self-confidence to share your gift with those who need it.
  • Reconnect with why you chose the path of the healer.




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