A Night of Unrest

My creativity has been thrown off the last couple of days with sick kids. There's just nothing like a midnight wakeup call from a child screaming in pain from an ear infection. Thankfully, the worse is over for now. A few doses of antibiotics and he'll be feeling normal again.

In the meantime, I'm puttering with the things I keep avoiding - revamping query letters, tidying up workspaces, sorting through my closet which seems bottomless - those things that get pushed aside when the muse takes hold. So for today I am lowering my expectations. No great works of art are expected to emerge. I'll be amazed if I get through the day without a nap!

Of course, sometimes when your body and brain are at their weariest the creative mind can still be inspired by the oddest things. As I clean today, I'll be sure to leave a door open so the muse can creep inside.


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