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BookLore's HWG Author Day

On November 17th, I will have the pleasure of joining some fellow writers from my writing group in promoting our works at BookLore, our local indie bookstore. If you live in the Orangeville area, please come out to join us in our celebration! Included in the list of writers who will be showcasing our works are:                                                                       Diane Bator Murder on Manitou David Chesterton My Caravan's a Rainbow: A Mystical Life in Colour  Ruth Cunningham Mystical Verses: The Poetry of Self-to-self Philosophy Kelli Curtis Amber and the Fallen Bridge Joseph Gilbey Langsdorff of the Graf Spee: Prince of Honor Kriegsmarine: Admiral Raeder's Navy: A Broken Dream Marilyn Kleiber Short Tales From a Tall Person Gloria Nye Dragonfly One: The Beginning Harry Posner Chariv

Pausing for a deep breath...a tribute to Oscar.

    The past week in our household have been busy with manning a booth at the local Home & Lifestyle Show, work, school and then we had to pause in the middle of it all. The photo above is of our two cats Oscar and Jazz. Early this past Saturday morning, Oscar passed away peacefully at home on his favourite chair with my husband at his side. One last breath and he left us. Needless to say, we were all devasted even though we had him for years longer than we expected. He seemed immortal. Ageless despite his nearly 19 human years.   His "little brother" Jazz is 6 years old. Like the rest of us, he's been out of sorts and roams the house looking for Oscar. He has benefitted from having me to himself in the mornings and extra snuggles with everyone.   For a cat, Oscar had an interesting life. He's moved with us from Calgary to Edmonton then flew out with us to Southern Ontario. When we moved homes several times over the past 18 years, he came with us