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Lancelot Schaubert tells us about Bell Hammer and Of Gods and Globes 2

Welcome to today's featured author Lancelot Schaubert!   Tell us about your life outside of writing. I'm an artist chaplain in NYC who makes it easier for people to make what they feel called to make. We use grants, community development, and intense human resources inserted into hyper concentrated weekends to bolster portfolios and create time for projects that wouldn't get greenlit via traditional funding or production. We're also there for counseling and therapy.  NYC is insane during covid, but so are a ton of places. Doing everything we can through the literary journal to support neighbors and artists. My bride's a knitter and is teaching me to knat, but she also makes things. Have a big, rowdy family mostly based in Illinois (a la BELL HAMMERS). I watch film when I can, but mostly read — particularly through the classics. Love tea. Will travel. Send soup and juggling circus bears. Do you have a work in progress? Several. I'm wor

Round Robin June 27 Likable Villains

Happy Summer!  I hope you're all doing well now that the sun is shining and Covid restrictions are easing all around the world. It's certainly been an odd year so far! Personally, I've been working from home, writing, and sitting in on Zoom meetings that have totally fascinated me (not so much the work ones as the writing ones!) I've been blessed to meet writers from all over Canada and the US who have been so supportive and motivating. I've also been able to spend a couple days each weekend at our favorite place on the shores of Lake Huron starting last week. This month's Round Robin question comes from our good friend Dr. Bob Rich: Do you have any charming, likable villains? Say something about them.  Oh boy, do I! Gary del Garda smokes, drinks, gambles, parks across the street in his dark Buick to help keep Gilda out of trouble and is the godfather of Sandstone Cove crime. He’s also one of the best allies Gilda could have when it comes