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Little Owl by Lauri Schoenfeld releases August 31!

  LITTLE OWL   By Lauri Schoenfeld   Published by Twisted Whisperings   This title is available through all retail booksellers   Releasing August 31, 2021 Adaline and Cache Rushner are falling apart. Their daughters are missing, presumed dead. Their marriage is crumbling. Their attempt at starting over in a new city is failing. Adaline is sure their daughters are alive somehow, but Cache finds it too painful to hope and only wants to move on with their lives. Adaline’s certain that the current tragedy has something to do with her childhood, and the lost memories that she can’t seem to recall.   She wonders whether her marriage to Cache can be saved amidst the doubt and uncertainty taking hold of all that she knows to be true.   LITTLE OWL is a tale of truth, redemption, and the hope that urges us onward in spite of our worst fears. Little Owl (9781735233116): Schoenfeld, Lauri: Books  Little Owl : Schoenfeld, Lauri: Books ABOU

Author Jay Lang releases her newest novel Storm

  Welcome to mystery novelist Jay Lang, a fellow BWL Publishing author!   Jay Lang is the author of four Lesbian thrillers published with BWL Publishing Inc., including the February 1, 2021 new release Storm - now available in pre-release at all the primary retailers and in print from Amazon.   Jay Lang grew up on the ocean, splitting her time between Read Island and Vancouver Island before moving to Vancouver to work as a TV, film and commercial actress. Eventually she left the industry for a quieter life on a live-a-board boat, where she worked as a clothing designer for rock bands. Five years later she moved to Abbotsford to attend university. There, she fell in love with creative writing. Hush is her first published novel. She spends her days hiking and drawing inspiration for her writing from nature. Do your characters come before or after your plot? My characters generally come after I have a rough

Joan Havelange talks about her mystery novels and upcoming releases

  Welcome back to Canadian mystery author Joan Havelange!  Joan Havelange is a Canadian author of three cozy mysteries and lives in a beautiful little town in the prairies, surrounded by hills, valleys, and many lakes. I’m an avid traveller. Before this pandemic broke out, I was able to travel to over 45 countries. This has helped my writing as I take my protagonists to places I have visited. I follow that old adage, write what you know. I directed little theatre for 15 years. And I find writing is a lot like directing. The difference is my characters show up on time and always know their lines. Although sometimes, they do go off in a direction that surprises me. I began writing romances, but I soon realized I was not the romantic type; murder is my line. My change of genre was the right choice, as my first whodunnit mystery, ‘Wayward Shot,’ was published in 2019. Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: https://www.ins


  CARNAL KNOWLEDGE A STUNNING NEW BOOK IN THE DEADLY SINS SERIES By International Best-selling Author, Rachael Tamayo   Set for release this July and published by Tangled Tree Publishing! The book will be available worldwide, in digital and print, across all platforms!     “Carnal Knowledge” is a twisted tale of lust, but not the kind of lust that anyone is expecting. A woman is hunted by a killer in a world that is turned rapidly inside out as her life is put on a countdown by a madman. This killer has authorities baffled, and will leave readers with one question: What do you do when you know you’re on a serial killer’s hit list? One thing is certain, some appetites are best left unsatisfied. A serial killer on the loose, driven by darkness and obsession. A woman determined to not go down without a fight and refuses to be a victim. International bestselling author Rachael Tamayo is back with a highly anticipated Deadly Sins novel. With twists and turns to keep readers grip

Round Robin Blog Fest August 21 - Favorite Words

  I'm back with another fun Round Robin Blog Fest! This month's question is: Do you have any character habits or favorite words that always crop up in your writing? Since I've been writing a non-fiction writing book lately, my thoughts went a totally different way to words and habits I tend to overuse. I had to laugh when a friend read one of my earlier books and commented how there was a lot of nostril flaring.  Nostril flaring  and  eye rolling  are two of my biggest, most overused reactions for characters. Apparently, I must do a lot of both in real life. Sighing  is another reaction I tend to overuse. In one of my books I was doing a first edit on, I gave up counting the number of sighs. I should have done a search when I plugged my edits into the computer. I think there would have been at least three per page. I’ve also had characters  groan  several times on a page. Some of the time I plug them into a rough draft with the intention of going back and replacing them wit

FAIL TO WIN: BECAUSE OF THE BEATLES a new book by Jeff Parry and Louis B Hobson

  FAIL TO WIN: BECAUSE OF THE BEATLES Life and Business Lessons From  the Entertainment Industry   By Jeff Parry and Louis B Hobson   This title is available in eBook on all Amazon Kindle Marketplaces   Releasing AUGUST 5 TH 2021 Fail To Win: Because of the Beatles is an insider's look at the enigmatic world of big finance, overblown egos, and phenomenal risk—and reward—in the behind-the-scenes machinations of international rock music promotions. Fail to Win illustrates the importance of embracing failure in order to attain significant financial and personal success.                       PRAISE FOR FAIL TO WIN Read it in one sitting. The book is fascinating and impressive. What you say about contracts vs. trustworthiness is so true.  --Barry Estabrook, past editor of Harrowsmith Magazine What an incredible adventure, and so well written.  -- Kirstie McLellan Day, author of Playing with Fire Fail to Win is fantastic, entertaining, enlightening, funny, touching, a rollerco