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Spring Has Sprung?

After a month of "extreme cold" weather days, I'm posting a picture I painted years ago just for a taste of summer! While we have had a lot of snow this winter, it's the bone-penetrating cold that has me the most down. In the past I would go tanning to take the edge off. This winter has been busy since September with my workload increasing at work, events, health issues, kids' activities, etc. Top off all the local insanity with the book I had due to my publisher March 1st and I've been a meltdown waiting to happen! I'm glad to say two great things have happened this past month. I got Book Two in my Yin-Yang Mysteries done! Woohoo! We are rebranding the entire series for a relaunch. What does that mean? It means all those copies of Death of a Jaded Samurai will be worth money one day. The new series will be called Gilda Wright Mysteries  and will soon have exciting new covers! It also means they books will have new titles. Sorry, no sneak pe