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An Interesting Week

I was waiting until contracts were signed and everything was official, but here goes: My publisher, Gemma Halliday Publishing, has given me back the rights to my Gilda Wright mystery series. Those books will no longer be available for sale - aside from the few I have left on my shelves. The good news is they will be republished by another publisher! More details to follow! But that's not where my news ends. Currently, I have one new novel being considered for publication which I've just completed rewrites on tonight (nope, not naming names yet!) and one more proposal I'm awaiting news on from yet another publisher. If you're counting, that's two books in two separate, brand new series! AND I will have Book #4 in the Wild Blue Mystery series--The Painted Lady--coming out late this year! Lots to look forward to on the writing front for sure. Stay tuned for details and - hopefully - even more great news!!  How bloomin' good is that?