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January 20 Round Robin Blog

Welcome back! Okay, I know I said I'd be better about posting on my blog, but life has this funny way of saying "No you won't."  Between a nasty cold and work, it's taken me a bit to get back on here. In the meantime, I'm working on some revisions with two novels in the wings and eager to dive back into making my books reality! In the meantime.... Here I am with another Round Robin Blog post. Our topic today: Considering viewpoints in writing (omniscient, ie. author's viewpoint, or first person, second person, or third person in character's viewpoint),  w hat is your preferred way of exposing your characters, their thoughts and emotions? How do you switch between characters? For anyone who has read my novels, I normally write in third person (he said/she said). All of my books are written this way except the one I'm currently working on, which is in first person (I said). Why the switch? Partly it was a requirement of the publisher I was

Happy 2018!

  January 4 2018 I've been really bad at keeping up this blog. Life has taken so many twists and turns over the past couple of years. I am happy to report things are calm and life is good :) After a fun Christmas and New Years with friends, I've been able to spend some time working on a couple of projects. One is a new series idea that came from a chat with a friend. Before the book is even written, my agent and I have pitched it to a publisher. I have my fingers, toes, legs, everything crossed! The second is me. Okay, I'm an ongoing project. But my goal this year is to get back to walking like I did over the past year and - thanks to a little encouragement from an outside source - run a 5km this fall. I've done a lot of sitting over the past two months between work and the holidays and I'm feeling the pain once more. Time to get back on track. At least I've lost a couple pounds over the holidays (how did that one work?) and not gained over Chri