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Round Robin Blog Fest April 2015

Welcome back to another edition of the Round Robin Blog Fest!  I've been absent from the tour for a bit due to other obligations, but now I'm back! This month's topic is:  What glues you to a story start to finish? And/Or what hooks do you use to capture your readers? What glues me to a story from start to finish are great characters and a plausible story line. If I'm not hooked into a book within the first page, I will put it aside - or toss it across the room as in some cases. Rarely do I force myself to read on unless someone has already read it and tells me it is worth it. Usually, it's not. A plausible story line to me is something that, while it may be a bit far fetched, could be possible. Improbable Possibility refers to a situation that is a possibility in the real world, but is extremely unlikely. A lot of movies thrive on this, particularly the older James Bond movies. I also appreciate a good story where I don't have to hunt to follo