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Happy New Year!!

 It's been a really crazy 2018 for me. As well as working full time at the theatre:  I've republished my Gilda Wright Mysteries with Books We Love.  I've published the fourth book in my Wild Blue Mystery series I've met a wonderful man who has taken me on some fun adventures, including a couple trips to Niagara Falls. I've been able to meet my son's girlfriend and shared Christmas with all of my kids. December 23, I had an MRI on my knee to see what sort of damage was inside. December 27, my doctor called to say she is referring me to an orthopedic surgeon due to the amount of damaged cartilage. December 31, enjoying the last day of the year with my kids, cats and my honey. What's coming in 2019? I'll be submitting the first book for a whole new series in February to Books We Love. Sandstone Cove Mysteries features a former model, her hippie sister, and an English Sheepdog puppy with a taste for socks. My agent Dawn Do

Round Robin Blog Fest December 2018

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Welcome to our Christmas edition of the Round Robin Blog Fest featuring Christmas Stories from all of our great writers! First Snow Jackson stuck out his tongue and let ice cold sprinkles cover it before he swallowed them. The first snow of winter was his third favorite day of the year behind Christmas and his birthday. He forgot how much fun it was to catch the flakes in his mouth then make snow angels. Then again, he was only seven and had a hard time remembering to wash his hands when his mom asked. “Come on, Jack.” His sister Ruby, two years older, wore a blue sparkly dress over her snow suit along with a tiara that had flashing lights. She claimed to be a snow queen. “Let’s go to a few more houses before it’s time to go home.” “I don’t have enough candy yet.” He blinked the snowflakes off his eyelashes then pulled his Spiderman toque over his forehead. They’d been out caroling for half an hour. Everyone gave them Christmas candy or oranges, so Ja