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Victoria LK Williams presents Murder for Neptune's Trident and Mist Across the Waves

Welcome author Victoria LK Williams! I write what I like to call  Cozy Mysteries with a Tropical Twist.  My series are set in small South Florida towns, with fun characters and a dog/cat or two.     Two of my series are cozy paranormal mysteries. You can find me writing from our South Florida home, looking into the garden, watching the birds and squirrels fight over their next meal while I write. My two cats, Miss Marple, and Fletch, often join me at the desk and each has their assigned spot. I'm not sure they are there to supervise my writing or watch the birds. Victoria and my husband of 37 years share a love of gardening, and together we have written a gardening handbook for Florida gardeners. We are now empty-nesters, which gives me plenty of time to dream up the next story. Until then, you can read any of my current titles in the  Citrus Beach Mystery   series,  Sister Station  series,  Storm Voices  series,  Mrs. Avery's Adventures  series. And t

Rhobin Lee Courtright tells us about Constantine's Legacy and Angels Tread

Welcome to writer, blogger, and Round Robin Blog Fest creator and organizer,  Rhobin Lee Courtright! I'm a born Michigander, I've lived in Missouri and Colorado, but I'm back in Michigan. I love this state and love being closer to my siblings. I started teaching art and didn't even start writing until I was in my thirties. Now I see writing as painting with words and love it and teach it, too. 1. What would you say are your strengths as an author? My best strength is I am persistent, but I also have a vivid imagination, which is probably why I write science fiction and fantasy. I have recently done a historical, Constantine's Legacy, about the Carolingian Age. One thing I've learned is people remain the same, no matter what the age. Most people think it is the start of the Dark Ages, but it is far more than that. I'm also wanting to try a long-distance 40's romance. 2. How often do you write, and do

Victoria Chatham is back with His Unexpected Muse

Welcome back to the lovely and talented Victoria Chatham! Victoria Chatham’s tag line History, Mystery, and Love says it all. She is a history buff, especially of the Regency era, adds a little mystery into her novels and seals them with a loving happy ever after ending. She is active in her local writing community but when not writing enjoys the great outdoors, especially if it includes playing around with horses. She lives near Calgary, Alberta, Canada. What would you say are your strengths as an author? Firstly, I mostly write historical romance, especially Regency romance so in the first place I write what mostly appeals to me. It is where I am happiest and think that automatically lends itself to stronger writing. Next, I would have to say characterization. All my heroines tend to be strong women in their way, or ways in which they can be, given the strictures of Regency society. I like to balance their characters with that of the men in their lives. Setting is a

Round Robin Blog Fest May 2020

We have a new logo!! Thanks to Connie Vines for her hard work. Wow, it's been a long couple of months BUT at least I had more time to be part of this blog tour than if I'd been busy at my work office full time instead of working from home! One great thing about all the changes and upheavals we've all faced, it that the arts and entertainment sector is getting a real boost as far as keeping us all occupied. I've even been able to publish a new book in the midst of things. Release date is June 1st for Drop Dead Cowboy! Today's question to the authors is:  All books go through multiple edits. What have you learned are your problems, and what irks you about editing? I've learned I am passive, repetitive, and wordy. LOL! Okay, that was the short answer. In truth, like all writers I've come a long way from using mistakes like having hands reaching for objects instead of the character reaching for things. My characters don't roll their eyes

Rick Collins shares his novels A Run of a River and The Providence of Basketball

Welcome to author Rick Collins! Rick Collins is a retired English teacher from Simsbury Connecticut.   He has coached track and field, football, and basketball in Connecticut for the last 36 years.   He was named the Connecticut Track and Coach of the Year, New England/New York Region I Coach of the Year, and Finalist for the National Coach of the year in 2010.   His extensive background in the classroom and on the athletic field has given him insights to the joys and challenges of being a student athlete.   He lives in Simsbury with his wife, Betsy, and is the loving father of his daughter, Hannah, and his son, Sam.   He is also owned by two cats, Fitzgerald and Autumn.  My life outside of writing has been, up to recently, all about teaching middle school and elementary aged kids as well as coaching high school sports.  Almost all of my ideas for my books have had some genesis in my teaching or coaching.  For example, a friend of mine in high school and his mother an

Gilda Wright Mysteries and Sandstone Cove

Welcome to Sandstone Cove! Hey all! It's me again! While I've been busy promoting other authors, working from home and keeping busy during self-isolation with editing and the like, I decided this week I would do  something a little different. I did this interview years ago with another publisher and decided to update and share it here. Since the original interview, my Gilda Wright Mysteries have been republished by BWL Publishing and have had a facelift! First a little background... The History The original first book (now Dead Without Honor ) was first titled Death of a Jaded Samurai . I loved the title and the cover BUT it didn't have an impact on the target market of my then publisher. SO.... we renamed and changed the covers. They were cute and but still didn't catch on with their target market. In fact, my publisher decided perhaps I should pull them from the shelves and start over.  Somewhere else.