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C.P. Hoff's new release Canterberry Tales

  CANTERBERRY TALES   A fun-filled look into a precocious child by critically acclaimed author, C.P. Hoff Released and published by Black Crow Books The book is available worldwide in digital and print across all platforms.   Pull up your knee socks and buckle your pinchy shoes, your childhood is calling. Celia Canterberry, a precocious seven-year-old, hell bent on saving earthworms, is about to drag you down memory lane and remind you what it was like to look at a careworn world with wide-eyed bemusement. Now take a deep breath. Smell that? Nostalgia. Celia flits through the streets of Happy Valley to her Nan’s chagrin, causing havoc wherever she goes. She’s so infamous, she’s got her own comic strip in the local paper, and Old Lady Griggs, her babysitter, is only too happy to read it with her. But what Celia secretly wants to know is where she came from. You see, Celia was abandoned at the hospital by her should-have-been parents, and her Nan won’t explain how or why… Ama

Kristine Raymond releases short story collection Seasons of Love

  SEASONS OF LOVE     A collection of short stories to entertain throughout the year by Kristine Raymond Released independently The book is available worldwide in digital and print across all platforms. Four couples. Four seasons. A lifetime of love. Dogwoods in Springtime Still in mourning three years after her husband’s death, Caroline Ballard’s solitary life in rural Kentucky is disrupted by a broken water line, of all things. As if the lack of running water wasn’t bad enough, her immediate attraction to plumbing contractor Rick Spencer unearths emotions long thought buried. Opening her heart to love for a second time, a malicious lie told by his ex-wife threatens to end the budding relationship before it begins. Seashells in Summer Having adopted her four-year-old daughter, Lily, at birth, Taylor Brightman is suspicious when former Marine Sergeant Grant Cutler appears on her Nantucket Island doorstep claiming to be the girl’s biological father. Wary of his motives, his good

The Year of the What? by author and actress Jennifer Lieberman

  A coming-of-age journey with empowering feminist intention by critically acclaimed author and actress Jennifer Lieberman   Released by Maple Mermaid Publishing Corporation The book is available worldwide in digital, print and audio across all platforms. Six months after Dana ’ s first break-up she is single and heartbroken in New York City. At 25 she is a virgin once removed and navigating the Manhattan dating world is daunting. Having only been intimate with one man, Dana feels ashamed of her desires and keeps trying to squash them in order to be a ‘ good girl ’ . With the help of Kelly, her unabashedly promiscuous roommate, Dana embarks on an outrageous adventure of sexual discovery and finds power and confidence while taking charge of her erotic exploration. Year of the What?: Lieberman, Jennifer: 9781775326816: Books  Year of the What?: Lieberman, Jennifer: Books “If you didn’t spend your first year after your first major hear

Featuring Ann Simas author of Fossil, Colorado books

  Welcome to author Ann Simas, a mountain girl at heart! Ann Simas lives in Oregon, but she is a Colorado girl at heart, having grown up in the Rocky Mountains. She has been an avid reader since childhood and penned her first fiction “book” in high school. She particularly likes to write mystery-thriller-suspense with a love story and paranormal or supernatural elements. She currently has 34 books in print and one novella that is out of print. An award-winning watercolorist and a budding photographer, Ann enjoys doing needlework in her spare time. She is her family's “genealogist” and has been blessed with the opportunity to conduct first-hand research in Italy for both her writing and her family tree. The genealogy research from decade's old documents in Italian, she says, has been a supreme but gratifying challenge. Website/Email Social Media Links Facebook: BookBub: https://w

Richard Paolinelli's New Release Galen's Way

  GALEN’S WAY A STARQUEST 4 TH AGE ADVENTURE   A Space Opera Set In The StarQuest Saga By Dragon Award Finalist, Richard Paolinelli   Released and published by Tuscany Bay Books! The book is available digitally in all platforms!   Millions of years in the future, humanity has been driven out of the Milky Way and now calls the Andromeda Galaxy home. Lost in their murky past are the tales of great knights that held the line against the invasion of a dark force until the rest of humanity could escape their doom. The last and greatest of these knights was Galen Underwood. Long after that heroic stand, a mercenary by the name of Galen Dwyn has been hired to rescue a kidnapped princess. Enticed by a healthy down payment and a chance to settle an old score, Galen accepts the job, only to find out it's a lot more than he bargained for. Soon Galen finds himself weaving and dodging through a web of political intrigue as the very forces that chase him have set in motion plans tha

Gregory Erich Phillips new release A Season in Lights: A Novel in Three Acts

  A SEASON IN LIGHTS A NOVEL IN THREE ACTS BY AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR, GREGORY ERICH PHILLIPS   Released and published by Lucid House Publishing! The book is available worldwide in paperback and ebook!       Passion, ambition and escape. I n the colorful artistic underworld off-Broadway, Cammie, a dancer in her mid-thirties, has just landed her first part in a show since coming to New York City. Yet the tug of familial obligation and the guilt of what she sacrificed to be there weigh down her dancing feet. Her lover, Tom, an older piano player, came to the city as a young man in the 1980s with a story eerily in tune with Cammie's own. Through their triumphs and failures, both learn the fleeting nature of glory, the sweetness of new love, and how a dream come true isn't cherished until it passes. The bright lights of the stage intoxicate, while degradation and despair lurk close behind the curtain. Their sagas are marred by two pandemics, AIDS in the 1980s and COVID-19