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JACKRABBIT JINGLE BALLS Released by Ann Charles November 26 2021

  JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS! JACKRABBIT JINGLE BALLS, The newest novella in the Jackrabbit Junction series by USA Today Bestseller, ANN CHARLES!   To be released on November 26 th !     Holiday Recipe for Madcap Merrymaking in Jackrabbit Junction Start with a bawdy night sprinkled with tinsel tassels and jingle balls, toss in a missing pair of underwear, and top it all off with plenty of sugary shenanigans. Serve with a side of naughty and nice.   Claire Morgan and her sisters are a tad twitchy. Their father is on his way for their first Christmas in Arizona, but the tidings of joy are few and far between. For one thing, their mother is pissed about her ex-husband flying in to play Santa. For another, their mother is just pissed. Period.   Christmas will never be the same again for the Morgan sisters! More books in the Jackrabbit Junction series: Praise for the Jackrabbit Junction Series:   “You give me sassy women who stick their noses in things they probably shouldn

A.M Westerling featured in Hugs, Kisses and Mistletoe Wishes Christmas Romance Collection

  Welcome to fellow Canadian and BWL Author, A.M Westerling!   A.M. Westerling, a top selling author for boutique Canadian publisher BWL Publishing, writes historical romance, including Barkerville Beginnings, Book 4 of the popular Canadian Historical Brides Collection issued in honour of Canada’s 150 th birthday. A former chemical engineer, Astrid traded in her calculator, mechanical pencil and spreadsheets for a keyboard, history books and membership in her local RWA chapter. From Vikings to Viscounts, her adventure filled stories span the ages. Sophie’s Choice and Leah’s Surrender , the first two books in her Ladies of Harrington House Regency romance series, were finalists in Long and Short Reviews Book of the Month, with Leah’s Surrender winning that honor for May 2021. She enjoys walks in the great outdoors, spending time in her garden and camping. This avid sports fan loves watching NFL (ballet on the grid iron!)   and NASCAR (hot cars, cute drivers!), and cheering on her

How to Record and Publish Your Audiobook in 7 Simple Steps by Jennifer Lieberman

  Make Your Own Break How To Record & Publish Your Audiobook In 7 Simple Steps   A how-to look into audiobook publishing by critically acclaimed author and actress Jennifer Lieberman   Released by Maple Mermaid Publishing Corporation The book is available worldwide in digital, print and audio across all platforms.    NOW AN AMAZON.COM NUMBER ONE BESTSELLER! “Make Your Own Break: How to Record & Publish Your Audiobook in Seven Simple Steps” is a simple and straightforward 'how to' guide for self-published authors and explains how to record and publish a manuscript as an audiobook. Award-winning writer, actor and producer Jennifer Lieberman developed this seven step guide based on her background in filmmaking & film production, acting and performance coaching while stumbling through the process of recording her own audiobook. This resource walks you through what to expect in the process by breaking it down into seven steps from time management, neces

Anne Scottlin, award-winning writer, podcaster and founder of The Power of Joy Institute brings you Live for Joy!

  LIVE FOR JOY By Anne Scottlin Published by The Power of Joy Institute This title is available in hard cover, soft cover and Kindle. Even if you only have a minute or two, you can create a mindset that helps you start celebrating your life again and become the kind of person you are proud to be. Anne Scottlin, award-winning writer, podcaster and founder of The Power of Joy Institute brings you her 286-page book, Live for Joy! “I decided to write a personal empowerment book that would deliver honest and authentic food for thought even if you only had two minutes,” Anne says. “I also wanted to create an experience that was not only poignant but also visually thought provoking and inspiring.” The 12 chapters of Live for Joy bring you 12 ways to inspire your self-awareness and support a mindset for a more joyful and authentic life. Each of Anne’s compelling messages appear opposite extraordinary full-page art and photography, creating a visually stunning feast for the senses. W

Need a Holiday Gift Idea for a Writer? By the Book is featuring The Muse Box

The Muse Box  from By the Book By the Book is a place where amateur and professional writers can nourish themselves.  We offer a subscription box called “The Muse Box” which is designed to inspire and encourage you as a writer. With a minimum of five unique items in each box, you will find something for all your senses. Whether it is interesting pens, useful notebooks or decadent chocolate, The Muse Box is sure to delight! By the Book was rose out of the ashes of COVID when owner and founder Carla Howatt finally had time to devote to her passion - writing. She was already publishing as By the Book Publishing, but she wanted to expand so that is just what she did. With something for everyone, from a subscription box, a webinar on how to write a non-fiction book or book coaching, By the Book is a safe place for writers at every stage and was founded on the values of respect, compassion, joy and vulnerability. To find out more:  The Muse Box -  https://by-

Round Robin Blog Fest November 2021 Flawed or Evil Characters

  I'm back for yet another Round Robin Blog Fest! October was a bit hectic since I was packing to move to a much nicer place than the one I'd been living in for the past 5 years. This one is above ground, has lots of windows, and my cats and I LOVE IT!! My office new office actually has heat!  So, all pleasantries aside, what are we discussing this month?  Describe a flawed or evil character you have or might use in a story. How did they become so flawed? What part will they play in the story and what will happen to them?   In general, a good character should be flawed. It’s hard for a reader to root for a “perfect” character than one who has taken their share of hard knocks. When it comes to evil characters, the opposite is true. They can’t be all bad or they become stereotypes and unbelievable. In mystery novels, a good “bad” character needs to have redeeming qualities to throw off the reader and created a series of red herrings. As