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June Storer tells us about Hotter Than Coffee and You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It

  Welcome to author June Storer! June Storer is an Author of Romance and Fantasy books and I was born in Birmingham in the United Kingdom and still live locally. Like most people, my life has had its ups and downs and I have learnt many valuable lessons on my journey. I previously worked for the National Health Service for 26 years, in varying roles ranging from Nursing to Administration. It was from here that I started to notice the rich diversity of society, there were so many interesting characters and so many unbelievable situations which I had found myself in and I soon realised that truth was definitely stranger than fiction. It was then that I started to write and I have not stopped since. I am also a qualified Reiki Practitioner. My interests include reading of course, movies, rock music, yoga, spiritualism and I also film and take part in paranormal investigations. My little rescue dog also keeps me fit and active on our daily walks out into the breathtaking scenery in the UK

Colleen Baxter tells us about Where The Red Moon Rises and her Crossover Series

  Welcome to author and professor, Colleen Baxter! Colleen Baxter is a simple college professor and former paleomammalogist. I like to incorporate extinct animals and biological tidbits in my writing. I have five children, spanning the ages from 10 - 37 (the younger three are adopted). When I am not grading lab reports or cooking for my family, I am dreaming of worlds far away and writing about them. Website: Facebook: Newsletter: Instagram: Goodreads: What would you say are your strengths as an author? I think my strengths are my scientific knowledge and dialogue. I try to make sure each character has a distinct voice that comes through in their speech and interactions. How often do you write, and do you write using a str

L. E. Glazebrook talks about the Jezebels of Bedlam and The Daughters Return

  Welcome to author L. E. Glazebrook!  I love her colorful book covers! L.E. Glazebrook is an independent Australian author who has published two books to date: The Jezebels of Bedlam, and The Daughters Return. Both books are available via Amazon and Kindle Unlimited, as part of an ongoing series which will tell the stories of Tweldor. Tweldor is a contraction of “the twelve doors,” a citadel built with angelic help to offer sanctuary for those survivors of Atlantis who chose to walk in the light. In the Tweldorian world, Atlantis was a nephilim colony, built by the descendants of Cain. Its citizens, it transpires, were not completely human. Rather, they were the result of intermarriage between nephilim offspring and humans as well as demonic mutations and horrific experiments. The evil inhabitants of Atlantis were plotting to create a genetically perfect superbeing who will dominate and destroy humanity – i.e. the antichrist. Fast forward to modern times and Tweldor has become m

Round Robin Blog Fest January 2021

  Welcome back to our crazy, fun, always interesting  Round Robin Blog Fest!! 2021 has certainly started with a bang in so many ways. For one, I found out I am one of the top 10 bestselling authors for BWL Publishing! This is my second year with that honor and I'm so excited! They even make us these great little logos to attach to our social media accounts. For now, we're going to ignore the crazy things that have surfaced this year and focus on this month's question to our amazing authors:  What is on your writing to-do list for this year? Do you have any long range goals or just wrap up? I tend to take on a lot of things. I just can't say no. That's my biggest downfall. It would be great if my body could keep up with my mind some days so I could whittle down my Wanna-Do list. At least the Wanna-Do's eventually hit my To-Do list. This seems to be the year a lot of them have migrated from one list to the other! In the year which shall not be named, I was fortuna

Dennis Rimmer discusses The Great Canadian Notebook

  Welcome to fellow Canadian author Dennis Rimmer!  Dennis has written a fun non-fiction book called The Great Canadian Notebook that features all things Canadian. I have to admit, I did learn something new. I never knew Amelia Earhart and Boris Karloff both had Canadian connections. As well, Dennis talks about everything from Stompin' Tom Connor to the World's Biggest Sausage and everything hockey. A fun read for any trivia buff or anyone who wants to learn more about our great country. Dennis Rimmer spent much of his working life in the broadcast industry, as an award-winning commercial copy writer, announcer, sports reporter and newsreader. He grew up in Crescent Beach, B.C., finished high school in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and obtained post-secondary educational credentials from the British Columbia Institute of Technology, Whatcom Community College and Western Illinois University. As a weekly contributor to the daily Bellingham (Washington) Herald newspaper for 14 years,