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Taking time to breathe

"When you notice that you are pushing yourself to complete a task, soften and be merciful with yourself. Inhale quietly and exhale gently, extending the very same kindness to yourself that you would to another in the same situation. Begin again."  --Judith Lasater, Ph.D., P.T. "Living Your Yoga" I had the pleasure of attending a yoga class last Sunday that was supposed to run for 2 hours. It ended up going for 4pm and taking me, both physically and mentally, into places I never thought I would go. Who knew I could spread my legs apart and be able to lean forward and touch my belly to the floor? I certainly didn't. Our instuctor Charles Shiva Shankara certainly did. He and his lovely wife Ananda pushed us all past our limits and do things we thought were impossible. I actually did a headstand - assisted - but now have the overwhelming urge to do one alone. To "prove" that I can. I tried poses that defied gravity yet were done by other members of th

Vacation's Nearly Over

Wow, this summer has gone by fast. The kids have been home for vacation, my inlaws were here for 2 1/2 weeks and I've been at work. There have been some fun things going on: working out with my kids, karate training, walking around town finding the weird and wonderful. I even bought myself a sandcastle candle holder the other day. Something that reminds me of our trip to Florida a couple years ago. The one thing I really haven't done this summer is write. Funny how that's starting to affect me. The dam that has held my creativity in check has finally burst. After a long walk today, I sat and did some editing and reading and...soon, writing. Once I get back on top of what I've already done. I have to say I'm looking forward to it. I'm gearing up to grade in karate. I'm seriously trying not to let things that other people do or have done interfere with my own training and determination. Despite some people's stupidity, I haven't given up. The com