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Padded Walls

Some days I feel like I really do need padded walls. The ones I'm referring to though belong to my new book. The one that I'm working on constantly in my head until it drives me crazy. There's a lot of that going around these days. A lot of my friends in the HWG are working on books, submitting books, or researching their next book. We tend to get so absorbed in our work that we forget there are other people in the world. Tuesday I had the pleasure of hanging out in the hot tub with one of my best girlfriends J. We talked and soaked for an entire hour that went by in a blink. God love our girlfriends. They are the Padded Walls that keep us sane, which is actually a major part of my new books. I guess the whole hot tub thing I can chalk up as research! LOL Off to spend the morning with a cup of amazing coffee and writing. There's a surprise.

Rain Rain...

It rained this morning. First day in 21 days. I just had to go for a long walk and get soaked. I'm taking a brief break for lunch and blogging. I've been working on my new book now for just over a month. Progress is beginning to show. It grows by 20-30 pages at a time. Now if I could just get someone interested in my other two books! Even a glimmer of interest would be encouraging! Oh well, as I read in Janet and Isaac Asimov's book How to Enjoy Writing - "Writers write." Now that I am dry and fed, I'd better get back to it. I have been so productive lately that it makes my head spin! Nothing like being creative to loosen up creativity.

Back to School = Back to work

The kids are off to school and I'm back at the grind. Submissions to agents can be easy going some days or, like today, a tedious endeavor that makes you want to thump your head on the wall. You know the days. You've printed off fifty pages to find out page 4 has an entire line missing or smudged. C'est la vie. Or worse, you've sent off an email to discover you've called one agent by another agent's name. Been there, done that. Today I am submitting. Tomorrow I am mailing very precious, expensive yellow envelopes. They go with tears and best wishes...goodbye my babies, bring me back some good news!