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Mine, the newest book in the Deadly Sins Series by Rachael Tamayo

  MINE The Newest Book in The Deadly Sins Series By International Best-selling Author, Rachael Tamayo   Set for release February 26th and published by Tangled Tree Publishing! The book will be available worldwide, in digital and print, across all platforms!     What happens in Vegas just might kill you. When divorcee Justin Gray wakes up next to a beautiful stranger in Vegas on his birthday weekend, he assumes it’s just a drunken mistake. When he discovers that he’s married to said stranger in her early twenties, he insists on an annulment and assumes his life will return to normal once he gets back home. He assumes wrong. As the shapely blonde refuses to give him an annulment and insists the marriage continue, what was a wild weekend turns into a deadly mistake. Murder is only the beginning. Get ready for a tale of greed so twisted you won’t know what’s on the next page or who anyone really is until the… very… last… page. Books2Read Link:

Root That Mountain Down, the newest award-winning novel by Evan L. Balkan

  Root That Mountain Down The newest Award-Winning novel by critically acclaimed author, Evan L. Balkan   Released and published by Tuscany Bay Books The book is available worldwide in print and e-format Felix Laszlo is on a somber mission: Retrieving the body of his murdered father, a doctor who had volunteered to treat the civilian casualties in war-torn Sierra Leone, and bringing him home to be buried in the United States. Along the way Felix will discover how little he knew about his father, Africa and himself. Once in Africa, Felix will see first-hand the greed and corruption that is commonplace in the "blood diamond" trade. But he will also find beauty, heartbreak, joy as well as the path to his future. Link:   EVANBALKAN | Tuscany Bay Books About Evan: Evan Balkan teaches creative writing at the Community College of Baltimore County.   His fiction and nonfiction, mostly in the areas of travel and outdoor recreation, have been published throughout the United

Carolyne Topdjian is the author of the new novel The Hitman’s Daughter

  Welcome to author, Carolyne Topdjian! I just LOVE her Ouija story in the interview!  Read on to find out more! Carolyne Topdjian is the author of The Hitman’s Daughter , out in Winter 2022 from Agora/Polis Books. She has published in PRISM International , Dreamers Magazine and Firewords Quarterly and is a professor in the Faculty of Media and Creative Arts at Humber College in Toronto. A three-time Pitch Wars mentor, she lives in a 114-year-old haunted house.   Website: Twitter: FB: Goodreads:   How many hours a day do you write? Good question! To be honest, I’m not sure about hours; rather, I tend to set daily goals by word count. When I draft a new novel, I write methodically at a tortoise’s pace, 1K a day, seven days a week. I’ve learned the hard way: I don’t cope well as the hare with sprints and break

Lure, a new Lure River romance by W.L. Hawkin

  LURE A LURE RIVER ROMANCE   JUST IN TIME FOR VALENTINE’S DAY A NEW DIRECTION FOR CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED AUTHOR, W.L. HAWKIN   Released and published by Bluehaven Press! The book will be available worldwide in digital and print on February 8th, 2022   Hawk is a wounded doctor bent on losing himself on the Chippewa reservation. Jesse's a vegan nature photographer trying to find herself on that same wild land. When Hawk shoots the deer Jesse's photographing, passions flare. Then Jesse hears that Hawk's friend is dying and sets off alone on horseback to warn him. He deserves the chance to say goodbye she never had. BUT DANGER LURKS EVERYWHERE NEAR THE SMALL MIDWESTERN TOWN OF LURE RIVER. Jesse's just discovered the twenty-year-old bones of a missing Indigenous girl in her shed and drawn the unwanted attention of two local men. CAN JESSE FIND HAWK BEFORE THEY FIND HER? Ruby Little Bear's tragic tale weaves through the narrative, reminding us that  ONE

Round Robin Blog Fest February 2022

  This month's Round Robin Blog Fest  Topic :  Feb. 19 - Describe a flawed character you might use as a heroine or hero in a story. How did they become so flawed? How might their flaws affect the story and what will happen to them? “It seems to me that most characters, in anything, are flawed in some way, just like most people. You look for the good in the flawed people and vice versa, and then try to make them appealing in some way. – Author: Aiden Gillen Flawed characters are what make a story far more entertaining than perfect, well-rounded characters. Any book or movie would be dull without characters who have an issue they have to overcome. A lot of the time, it’s those flaws that help to drive the plot. Not only does the character have an objective to achieve, they must also battle their fears or hang-ups to get through to the end. Think Indiana Jones and his fear of snakes. In general, there are three types Of Character Flaws: 1.      A minor character flaw is an im

The magic continues in Revenge Seeker by V.K. Tritschler

REVENGE SEEKER Vital Impetus Book 2   The magic continues in this critically acclaimed series by V.K. Tritschler   Released in February by Inkspell Publishing and available in e-book format worldwide!!     Her Grandfather took her father’s life, and now Jess wants revenge. Heir to a multi-verse kingdom Jess should be the most powerful woman in the world, able to keep her loved ones safe and bring peace to the realms. But with her newfound powers, came newfound dangers. Jess is determined to protect the people she loves. To keep her sister, mother and boyfriend Peter safe, she sends them away, where her enemies can’t find them. When, Peter’s parents find out she’s the offspring of their mortal enemy, they are determined to keep them apart  forever . Going alone is perilous, and it’s hard to tell the difference between friend and foe. Determined to bring down her maniacal Grandfather, Jess is just beginning    to realize the depth of her ties to those around her and the str