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Scraping the bottom of the Barrel

There are many times in life that we fall. Not always physically, although physical pain can cause our spirits to sag, but mentally when things don't go the way we plan. This past week has been one of those weeks in my life. Things that I thought (and prayed) would come to pass dissipated like video game pixels. Compounded by a fall while skiing with my son and damaging my tailbone, I was left in a bad place mentally. "Nothing is going my way." I ranted and raved to the powers that be. The things that I wanted, counted on, to happen, I now have to wait for. Again. What have I done wrong? Why is the universe plotting against me? It's nothing I've done. I've done my due diligence. I've edited and outlined. I've plotted and submitted. I've waited patiently and done all I can do. For now my future lies in someone else's hands--not always a great feeling. So what do I do in the meantime? I write. I take care of myself. I heal (after regular do

Amazing Things

It's amazing the things that can happen when we ask. Whether it's for health, for a new career or just for a great story idea. All we need to do is ask and our wish, in some form, will be granted. It's not always a perfect theory. We do have to assist the Divine. As writers, for example, we still have to sit and take pen in hand. We have to still our minds from the every day nonsense and allow the muse to flow. Over the past 13 weeks, I've been part of an Artist's Way group. I have to say I've learned many things about myself and the women I worked with. I've learned I'm much stronger than I thought and can stand up for myself and others when I have to. I've learned that I am a talented writer and have the ability to clear my mind and receive the muse. I can take success just as well as I can take failure. The ability to "roll with the punches," or being flexible, is something we all need in life. Not everything goes the way we expect w

The Value of Stepping Back

I haven't added anything to my blog in the past couple of week. I've been a bit overwhelmed to say the least. Between editing The Bookstore Lady and learning that Murder on Manitou had been published as an e-book, I was caught in a loop of "what do I do next?" So I did nothing. I took a beading class with a friend, went to a movie with another friend, hung out with my kids and broke free from my computer for a little while. Was I blocked? Nope. Was I procrastinating? Nope. Sometimes in life, no matter what path you take, you have to take a step back and breathe. I revelled in the fact my first book, a novella, was now a published book, I handed out some great bookmarks to promote it and I took a break from some of my regular duties. A minivacation if you will. Next week, I'll be back at the compute and I'm dabbling with details for The Mystery Lady (Book #2 in a series called Wild Blue Mysteries). In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy the little th