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I've been working on The Bookstore Lady , getting edits done so I can submit it again. I've had some wonderful friends giving me some input and they all made some great suggestions. Today, in itself, was draining. I was at home with 2 sick kids, mourning the loss of an uncle and dealing with some issues in my writing group. Submitting a novel was the lowest item on my list, until... Until I received an email from an agent I'd queried in March 2010. For some reason, a lot of queries she'd been sent were dumped into her junk mail box. She recently found mine and promised to read it over. Since I'd made so many changes in the past year, I replied to her and sent the changes, hoping that I was not out of line. I guess I'll find out in a few weeks when she gets back to me. I have to admit, that made me feel a bit better and gave me hope when the whole day was full of thunderstorms and frustration. Some days all it takes to get our creativity and energy flowing ag

A Day in the Life of my Cleanse

Okay, I won't bore you by regaling an entire day. Between work and other things going on in my life, you'd be asleep in thirty seconds or less! One thing I have noticed is that each Chakra seems to take centre stage on the days related to the cleanse. For example, the other day was a Navel Chakra day which relates to finding your place and asserting yourself in a group. Exactly what I had to do. Looking at the calendar, I had to make the decision to step away from my writing group for the next few months due to my schedule and the fact that I get overwhelmed when I don't get time to write or paint. Add to this some on-going aggravation and wanting to move ahead with my own work. Today is Good Friday. Good for me because it's a day off work, but a day to write. I've spent some time editing The Bookstore Lady. Yeah! I haven't been able to get to it for a couple of weeks because of work and other things. It's nice to be able to sit and play. I also have to

Feelings of Inadequacy

There are days - and I'm sure every writer has them - where I feel like I should just have one big bon fire and forget the whole notion of being a writer. That generally lasts about ten minutes, an hour tops. It used to last a lot longer, but I've found there has been a shift in my whole manner of thinking and being since learning Reiki. I am learning not to carry the negative thoughts and make them my truth. Having a Reiki attunement opens your mind and your heart to possibilities. It makes it easier to understand and accept the ebbs and flows of creative energy and how to break free from "writer's block." Personally, I've never had a problem with being blocked creatively. My biggest problem is time. Days, for me, are usually filled with work, the kids and their activities, as well as looking after the house and all meals. I'm notorious for writing in a notebook while cooking spaghetti or brushing my teeth. I intentionally come home during my lunch ho

And now for something a little different....

This weekend I tried something new - aside from riding bikes with the kids, which I haven't done in nearly 20 years! Today I attended a Reiki workshop and obtained my Reiki I certification. I came home feeling tired, yet energized. It was a cloudy, stormy day, yet three of us made it for the class and were treated to Attunements, clearings and a wonderful pot of soup our Reiki Master had made. What an amazing feeling to awaken your own energy and healing power that I'd always thought I had. With all of the stuff we learned, I'm a little overwhelmed. The fun part was that before we left, Helena asked us to choose an angel card. Mine was "Study," which was interesting since I've been studying not only my writing, but books on Reiki as well. It told me not to be impatient and study before I dive in. Kind of applicable to both of my interests lately. With the end of our workshop, so began our 21 Days of Cleansing where the energy cycles through all seven chakr

Orangeville Article: Life lessons and stories a wonderful part of the fundraiser for Japan

This is the latest item I've published in the Orangeville Banner. Hope you enjoy it! Orangeville Article: Life lessons and stories a wonderful part of the fundraiser for Japan

This is a test....

Last weekend I tried something I hadn't done before. I entered a 24 hour story writing contest that is held monthly by Wynterblue Publishing out of North Bay, Ontario. While I had checked out the prompts and the rules previously, I'd never actually entered. Silly me. I took on the challenge and dove in head first. What did I come out with? Two short stories that totally surprised me. More murder mysteries. For anyone interested, feel free to check them out!  I'll post one after the short list of winners is posted.