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Round Robin Blog Fest March 2019

Welcome back for another Round Robin Blog Fest! I'm so happy to have copies of my two newest books now in hand! It's been a long month for me after having arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn meniscus in my knee at the end of February. After two and a half weeks off work, I'm back on my feet and returned to work this week. Tired and recovering from a cold, I'm ready for a good weekend off. But first.... The question posed for this month's Round Robin Blog Fest is:    How do you self-edit your books before submitting or publishing? The past few years, I've learned a great deal from my agent, my publishers, and my writing group when it comes to editing. I've learned to more or less edit as I go, but usually don't do a solid edit of my own work until I finish at least half a rough draft. From that point, I print a hard copy, edit the first half, then move on to write or fill in the missing pieces of the second half and keep the flow going along s