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Mark Leslie releases Fright Nights, Big City, the fourth book in the Canadian Werewolf series.

From Small Town to Big City – The Big Nickel to the Big Apple How a self-confessed book nerd has taken a life-long inspiration from Spider-Man   Mark Leslie Lefebvre has a lot in common with Michael Andrews, the main character of his latest novel, Fright Nights, Big City . And Andrews has a lot in common with Peter Parker, the alter-ego of Spider-Man. Lefebvre, who writes under the name Mark Leslie, grew up in a small town with a population of approximately 2,000 people. To him, a “big city,” even with its 1980s era population was a little over 90,000. Michael Andrews, the hero of his Canadian Werewolf series that started with the 2016 release of A Canadian Werewolf in New York , also grew up in a small Ontario town, but found himself re-located to a much larger city.   The series, which the author describes as humorous thrillers, follows the adventures of a man cursed with lycanthropy. On the nights of a full moon, he turns into a grey wolf with no human consciousness or memo

Joan Soggie talks about her historical fiction and non-fiction books.

    Welcome to fellow BWL Publishing author and writer  of eco-historical fiction and non-fiction books Joan Soggie! Joan Soggie lives and writes in rural Saskatchewan. Her lifelong curiosity about her homeland has led her to explore the native prairie, the centuries-long relationship between the land and First Nations, and her own family’s settler history. The prairie and its creatures are her inspiration. Her family is her joy. She is the author of the non-fiction regional history Looking for Aiktow (2016) and the historical novel Prairie Grass (2020).  In Rikka , history and family stories merge in a Norway-to-Canada saga based on the life of one of Saskatchewan’s female pioneers. Website and social media links: On Facebook: Looking for Aiktow/Joan Soggiewrites On LinkedIn:>joan-soggie On JoanSoggie On GoodReads: On Amazon:>joan-soggie On Insta

Caroline Giammanco releases a collection of paranormal and science fiction stories called Into the Night.

  Into The Night An imaginative debut collection by author and educator, Caroline Giammanco   Released and published by Tuscany Bay Books The collection is available in book is available worldwide in print and e-format   People who aren’t exactly as they seem. Familiar places transformed into sinister voids of darkness and despair. Stories of the paranormal and science fiction, both macabre and mystifying, that will have you hesitate in fear and awe before you step out…  Into the Night . “ Giammanco puts forth a strong debut collection – as varied as it is imaginative – that will intrigue, mystify, surprise, and frighten her readers. Once you crack open the pages, there is no escape.”  – Shawn Burgess, author of the bestselling book, The Tear Collector. Link:   Into The Night eBook : Giammanco, Caroline: Kindle Store   Into The Night: Giammanco, Caroline: 9781312020122: Books - About Caroline: Caroline Giammanco is an author a

Ileana Muñoz-Renfroe launches book 2 in the Rosa the Cuban Psychic series!

  Welcome back to one of my favorite authors, Ileana Munoz-Renfroe!  For the longest time, Ileana Muñoz-Renfroe wanted to be an author. Almost twenty years later, and after raising two children and owning numerous businesses, she decided to take the plunge. About a year ago, as she sat in a Café in Paris, the idea of Rosa popped into her head, and the stories and characters became real. Since two of her passions are the paranormal and high-end fashion, she found a way to combine them and created Rosa the Cuban Psychic Mysteries. This series brings together her Cuban and American culture to make for a fun cozy mystery story. She is hard at work on writing a spin-off to Rosa the Cuban Psychic Mysteries and a brand-new series involving the character Candeedo Brewdinkle. When she is not writing, she enjoys traveling, reading, entertaining, and listening to music. Ileana Renfroe A Fashionable Fate Twitter Instagram FB Author Page Cozy Mystery Village   What would you wri

Jamie Tremain shares their new book Death on the Alder and more!

  Welcome to fellow Canadian/Ontario writers Liz Lindsay and Pam Blance aka Jamie Tremain!  Enjoy this double feature interview!   Jamie Tremain was “born” in the summer of 2007. A collaborative effort brought about by two fledgling authors Liz Lindsay and Pam Blance . Pam and Liz met at their place of work and once a mutual interest in reading (and writing!) was discovered, there was no stopping them! To date Jamie Tremain has published the Dorothy Dennehy Mystery Series and has now released the first book in a new Grant’s Crossing Series – Death on the Alder Even before their first book, The Silk Shroud , was published, they had been actively building their brand. One of their fortes was, and still is, interviews on their blog with other authors – and readers. Networking within the supportive writing community continues to be a priority. A recent “Author Survival Network” private group was established on Facebook, to offer fellow authors a place to meet via Zoom, share experienc