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Lorna Poplak compares publishing before and during the pandemic.

  Welcome back to author and member of both Crime Writers of Canada and Sisters In Crime,   Lorna Poplak! Lorna Poplak is a Toronto-based writer, editor, and researcher drawn to the dark side of Canadian history. With a background in law, literature, information technology, and technical communications, Lorna has written medical and scientific articles, travel and historical pieces, children’s literature, blog posts, and a radio play. She is a member of Crime Writers of Canada and Sisters in Crime. Her two nonfiction books, both published by Dundurn Press, are  Drop Dead: A Horrible History of Hanging in Canada  (July 2017), and  The Don: The Story of Toronto’s Infamous Jail  (January 2021).  The Don  was shortlisted for the Ontario Legislature’s 2021 Speaker’s Book Award.   Website/Blog: Facebook:         LinkedIn: Instagram:

True Crime author Nate Hendley talks about The Boy on the Bicycle and The Beatle Bandit

  Welcome to Nate Hendley, author of several true crime novels! Nate Hendley was born in New Haven, Connecticut in 1966 and raised in Waterloo, Ontario.  At present, he is a Toronto-based journalist and author of several non-fiction books , primarily in the true-crime genre. Nate’s titles include The Boy on the Bicycle (about a 1956 wrongful murder conviction in Toronto), The Big Con (about scams and hoaxes in America, past and present) and American Gangsters: Then and Now (a look at U.S. mobsters from the Civil War to the present day). Nate’s latest book, The Beatle Bandit , examines a murderous 1964 bank heist near Toronto that fueled a nationwide debate about gun control, insanity pleas, and the death penalty. The Beatle Bandit was published in November 2021 by Dundurn Press . Nate’s website ( ) offers more details about his books and background. He also hosts a blog at featuring posts about crime-related topics.   Soci

A Demon's Trade, a brand-new urban fantasy series by International Bestselling Author Kathrin Hutson

  A Demon’s Trade   The first in a brand-new Urban Fantasy series by International Bestselling Author Kathrin Hutson     Demons might not be real. But  she  is. As a tracker of curse magic, dark artifacts, and forbidden netherwork, Kali Sullivan is one of a kind, and not just as a bounty hunter. They think she’s a demon. What they don’t know can definitely kill them—and worse. It only takes one slip to throw a curse into utter chaos. So when an overconfident target gets himself killed before Kali can take him in, she’s left to pick up the pieces. And to figure out which magical nutjob had the bright idea to start tattooing casting circles on their victims. When staking out another dark-magic suspect reveals far more than who’s behind the attacks on humans, the ghosts of Kali’s past come calling in an unexpected way. Their messages give a whole new meaning to who and what she truly is, and it’s darker than she thought. Especially when the one job Kali refused is the one she real

The critically acclaimed Heart of the Inferno series by Nicole Fanning continues with Ignite!

  Ignite Heart of the Inferno Book 2   The critically acclaimed Mafia Romance Series by Nicole Fanning Continues!! She never expected to fall in love with a  mafia  don. He never expected to fall in love at  all . But will their love be  enough ? Four weeks ago, Jaxon Pace, the billionaire "Don Supreme" of Chicago's underground mafia syndicates, took a bullet. This bullet was meant for the only girl who stole his heart, the beautiful Natalie Tyler, a simple nurse from Miami. Overwhelmed by the horrors she witnessed in Chicago, Natalie chose to return home, leaving the broken and broken-hearted Jaxon Pace to recover on his own. A month after her visit, Natalie's heart still belongs to Jaxon...And you better believe The Don Supreme is coming to collect HIS woman. But when he arrives, he learns that Natalie has a little surprise for him: She is  pregnant . However, his enemies will give the happy couple no reprieve. Especially, Jaxon's presumed-dead ex-

Round Robin Blog Fest January 2022

Happy New Year to all of the Round Robin Bloggers and those who follow us! If you're not familiar with the Blog Fest, each month we go around the world - literally! - and answer the same great writing question put forth by our fearless leader Robin. This month's question is: How are you dealing with the COVID pandemic in your contemporary novels/short stories? Not as a political statement or polarizing pro/con mask stance, but the way the COVD virus effects the day-to-day lives of your characters and appears within the story’s plot line? So far the pandemic has not permeated any of my novels. I've chosen to keep them in quarantine where the virus can't touch them. There has been so much negativity and conflict as a result of all of these protocols that I didn't want to add to it. I did, however, write a short story over the holidays that I based in a mall at Christmas. While I didn't go into great detail about protocols and the like, I did mention things like ev