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Round Robin Blog Tour Feb 2014

We're back on another Round Robin Tour! February's topic is about heroes,  what you like in reading, what you write, your favorite, whatever!    What type hero(s), traits, personality, in particular always  draw you into the story? Has it changed with time? And do you write this type of hero?   Ironically enough, I had this very discussion with my 18 year old son the other day. Not only is he a voracious reader and a fellow writer, he's also a fan and loves my heroes! He loves their humor, their tenacity, and how they always try to do the right thing.  The types of heroes that draw me in (and fill my books!) are strong men with a moral compass that sometimes keeps them on the fringes, yet they don't hesitate to be the good guy and save the day. Most of my heroes are dedicated to their friends and families, although a couple come from backgrounds where their sense of family was challenged by abuse or neglect. Handsome, ruggedly or otherwise, also springs

The Bookstore Lady is in PRINT!

I am so excited to report that The Bookstore Lady is now in print and copies arrived last night! They are available at BookLore and Aardvark Music in Orangeville and on It's such a thrill to see my dream become a reality after all these years. I am thankful for all the people who have helped me along the way and, believe me, they all know who they are! In upcoming news: My next book, The Mystery Lady is under construction and will come out later this spring. AND... My wonderful agent, Dawn, is gearing up to query Death of a Jaded Samurai to publishers. So far, it looks like 2014 could be a very busy year! Stay tuned!!