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Today's the Day!

Three hours from now I will be at the hospital, walking into ambulatory care for my surgery. No food or drink since midnight so I'm getting hungry, but I'm distracting myself with writing and tidying up before my mom comes on Friday. Like the surgeon told me when we first met, "It's not cancer." If you have no idea what arthroscopic surgery is--and I certainly didn't before the past two months!--I found a couple of great videos. No blood or gore, just computer generated images. If you surf around on YouTube, you can find many versions. This one, from WebMD, is my favorite: As for me today, I'm getting the house ready for my return and know my cats know something is up since they just won't leave me alone lately! They'll be happy to have me  home for the next two weeks. Once surgery is over today, I see food in my future. Definitely coffee and a bottle or two of wate

Two Days to Go!

Only TWO days left until my arthroscopic knee surgery! I lay awake last night wondering how my surgery will go, how I will sleep during recovery, if I'll have a lot more pain compared to know... In the end, I went to sleep looking forward to being able to walk around the lake with my honey again and doing crazy things like biking and skating. Crazy because I haven't been able to do either in years! I was completely thrilled to be able to ride a bike in July with my brother, sister in law and youngest son. Twenty-five kilometers along an old train track in Kelowna. What a rush! This, and Advil, have been my best friends for the past seven months. I know I'll need it for a while during recovery, but will be more than happy to retire it!  I've heard wonderful things about the surgeon as well as the surgery which also gives me added confidence. An added benefit is that part of my recovery time will be spent with my mom catering to my every whim.

Round Robin Blog Fest Feb 16 2019

With a snow storm outside and my knee limiting my physical activities, what a better time to jump in and rejoin the Blog Fest with a new post. That and I get to share some great news! I have a new book released as of February 14th! Glitter Bay Mystery Series Book 1:   All That Sparkles What do a trunk full of vintage clothes, a handsome land developer, and a fifty year old diamond heist have in common? Laken Miller receives a trunk full of expensive vintage clothing and a stack of newspaper clippings about a fifty-year old diamond heist. Now all she has to do is figure out who murdered Tilly San Vicente before the killer silences her as well. And now back to the Blog Fest question of the month:   Love, sex, and relationships are part of many books. What seems acceptable, what do you think current readers want, and what (for you) is going to far? I think readers read such a wide variety of genres, heat levels, and deviant types of books that there really is no

The Count Down is ON!

Two Weeks to Go! I've had issues with my right knee since I twisted it several years ago. It was a struggle and took a lot of doctor appointments to start getting "back on my feet," but I did it. Last July while on holidays with my brother and his wife, we did some hiking, rode mountain bikes (on an flat course) which was something I never thought I'd be able to do again! Then came a walk up the hill and along the smooth, fresh asphalt. One moment of inattention and I fell straight down on to my knee cap. At least I left my mark at my brother's new house... A lot of blood and a very angry wound later, and I was back to limping. Yippee. I figured it was just a flesh wound and slowed down a little but kept on walking. I even went on dates and a few days after my injury, I met a man who loved to be outdoors and as active as me. M and I kept on hiking and ate at some great restaurants. Eventually, I realized my knee wasn't healing properly.