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Wow, it's been an entire month since I posted to my blog! Work, family, and a huge karate seminar have all taken me away for the month, but I'm back on the merry-go-round that is The Round Robin Blog Fest! This month, a long string of authors are chatting about a whole new topic: What is the most inspiring, romantic, or dangerous setting  you have ever read or written? I was born under the sign Cancer, a water sign. I'm a crab with a natural affinity for water so for my entire life, I've been fascinated with the ocean, lakes, rivers, and so on. As a result, I tend to write stories set near bodies of water. The Wild Blue Mysteries series doesn't directly mention the lakes until Book 2, The Mystery Lady , but Lake Erie is within an hour drive of Packham. The novel my agent is currently querying, Death of a Jaded Samurai , is set in a fictional small town called Sandstone Cove, which I picture on the shores of Lake Erie. If I could spend my time wr