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Today started off as a quiet, unassuming day. I got up early, chipper and ready to go. My two younger kids - not so much. One took over the bathroom to shower. The other attached to my arm, stomach upset and throat sore. So much for my plans for this morning. He did dig up enough energy to come pick my oldest son up from the lake. My oldest, a rower, got to row in a single boat for the first time in three years. Obligatory photos and video are stored in my camera. The two older kids off to school and the youngest in the shower, I sat down to check emails and discovered my interview on the Blue Ridge Literary Agency website today! I know I've been bad about keeping up the blog lately but not because I've slacked off on the dream. In the past month, I've finished edits for The Bookstore Lady and queried Deja Vu to my agent. I don't have time to hold my breath waiting for a respon

In the Face of Adversity

We never know how strong we are or how much drive we have until we are up against a wall. As human beings, we face many walls in our lifetimes, walls put up by publishers, by family, by other people who think they are better than us. Some are. Some just wish they were. Being a writer, adversity is a daily occurance. Rejection letters by agents and publishers. Critiques by friends or family. Yet another edit or rewrite of a novel or short story we thought was "as good as it gets." In the face of adversity, we shed a few tears, find our happy place, steel our resolve and fight. We do that next rewrite or take a second look at that query letter or synopsis and make sure we are doing the best we can. In my other life, away from the keyboard, I am now a martial artist (3 whole weeks into training!) I have recently looked into the Face of adversity and come away with a stronger resolve. The knowledge that I will be the best I can be. That renewed strength -- mostly of chara