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Featuring Dead Without Remorse by Canadian mystery author, Diane Bator

  DEAD WITHOUT REMORSE   The Newest Novel in The Gilda Wright Mystery Series by prolific mystery writer, Diane Bator   Released by BWL Publishing The book is available worldwide in digital and print format An explosion leaves a gaping hole in the streetscape where the Nine Lives Consignment Shop and the former martial arts school once stood. When police find remains of a bomb inside, Gilda Wright needs to track a killer before her suspects scatter like debris.   Amazon - Dead Without Remorse (Gilda Wright Mystery): Bator, Diane: 9780228618751: Books  Dead Without Remorse : Bator, Diane: Books (   Other Books in The Series:         About The Author A prolific Canadian mystery writer, I am the mom of three kids, two cats and a step-dog as well as author of Wild Blue Mysteries, Gilda Wright Mysteries, Glitter Bay Mysteries, and the Sugarwood Mysteries from Books We Love Ltd. with many more books and plays to come! You can find me at: Blog:

Ella Harvey reveals A Time of Light and Shadow, a travel memoir.

  Welcome Ella Harvey, a fellow member of The Writers' Union of Canada! Her amazing new book comes out September 2022, but you can check out her first book, Encounters on the Front Line!                       Ella Harvey is a retired nurse with a B.Sc in Nursing from the University of Victoria. Her diverse career and adventurous spirit have taken her to remote regions of the world, with experiences in Asia and Africa marking her world view. She has lived on five continents and worked on four. Ella presently lives in beautiful Victoria on the west coast of Canada, yet is frequently found dreaming of elsewhere. Links: My website FB Linkedin: Publisher: Amazon author page for Encounters on the Front Line (first book) How many hours a day do you write? My writing habits are irr

Round Robin Blog Fest June 2022

Welcome back to another Round Robin Blog Fest! These are always so much fun and interesting to learn more about our authors and their work. This month’s topic is fully loaded! We had a lot to choose from:   Have you ever included current social, political, or environmental problems in any of your stories or thought about doing so? Why or why not? Such as: Do you ever include politics in your stories (why and how?) Do you ever address topics like discrimination or race relations? After your characters with or against law enforcement and do you include the current climate of anti-law enforcement in your writing have you incorporated gay/lesbian characters?  how does the current economic climate feature in your books? Have you ever included current wars in your books? Has terrorism ever appeared in any of your stories? Do any of your characters address going green/global warming?   So interesting that’s the topic that came up th

GROLAR, A Novel of Horror in Nature Like No Other by Author and Musician Thorsten Nesch

  GROLAR Half Grizzly Half Polar Bear   A Novel of Horror in Nature Like No Other By Critically Acclaimed Author and Musician Thorsten Nesch The book is available worldwide in digital across all platforms and as an audio book on Audible!   Grolar: half grizzly bear, half polar bear Jon lost his job in Vancouver and finds work at a small gold mining camp. His wife and his young son join him. When the toddler shows them what he had found near the tree line, they know, there is something dark waiting for them.   Grolar: Half Grizzly Half Polar Bear eBook : Nesch, Thorsten, Hilden, Barbara: Kindle Store  Grolar: Half Grizzly Half Polar Bear: Nesch, Thorsten, Hilden, Barbara: 9781980305774: Books: Audible: “For an author well known for his young adult books, this story is a sizzling adult mystery/horror admixed with interpersonal relationships, as in marital conflicts, that brin

Daughter of Hades by Mack Little Shortlisted for 2022 Hawthorne Prize!

  Daughter Of Hades Telling the Complicated History of the Caribbean Through the Eyes Of Two Sets of Siblings   NOW SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2022 HAWTHORNE PRIZE!!!   Released and published by Inklings Publishing The book is available worldwide in e-format Mack Little’s sophomore novel traces the fascinating and often painful Caribbean history through the life experience of siblings as they try to escape their homes and strive for a better life. Link: Daughter of Hades: Book 1 of the Love & Peace Series: 9781944428686: Little, Mack: Books Daughter of Hades: Book 1 of the Love & Peace Series : Little, Mack: Books   Daughter of Hades first depicts the story of Dinny and Jimmie, twin brother and sister who have grown up as enslaved people on a plantation in Barbados. When Dinny’s life faces more threats as the master’s infatuation with her grows, the siblings make their way onto a pirate ship. Though safety will not come yet fo

Introducing Natasha Deen's new YA Novel The Signs and Wonders of Tuna Rashad

  The Signs and Wonders of Tuna Rashad   The Newest YA Novel from Award-Winning #Own Voices Author  Natasha Deen   The book will be available by Hachette Books on June 7th across all platforms! From award-winning, #OwnVoices author Natasha Deen comes a new funny, honest, YA novel following one girl as she tries to win over her crush before she leaves for college.   Let’s be clear. No matter what her older brother, Robby, says, aspiring screenwriter Tuna Rashad is not “stupidstitious.” She is, however, cool with her Caribbean heritage, which means she is always on the lookout for messages from loved ones who have passed on. But ever since Robby became a widower, all he does is hang out at the house, mock Tuna for following in their ancestors’ traditions, and meddle in her life.  Tuna needs to break free from her brother’s loving but over-bearing ways and get him a life (or at least, get him out of hers!). Based on the signs, her ancestors are on board. They also seem to be on bo