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April's Round Robin Blog Fest

Welcome to April's Round Robin Blog Fest!! Hope you like our new photo. I wasn't going to participate in this month's blog circle due to an abundance of activities going on in the "real world," but here I am! This month's topic is:  You loved the blurb. First page sounded interesting. You bought the book. What makes you throw the book you're reading across the room, stomp on it, and go find another? I have read two novels that I've grown frustrated with. One at the beginning of the book, the other at the ending. Both were "critically acclaimed," but not books I'd ever recommend. The first was The River King by Alice Hoffman. While I loved the idea of the story, the actual plot itself was difficult to follow. Just as the reader is absorbed into the thoughts and story of one character, another character passed by and we'd hop into his head, then he'd pass a neighbour sitting on her front porch and we'd hop into

Q & A with Juliet Waldron

  Thank you to the lovely Juliet Waldron , a fellow author with Books We Love, for linking up and asking the tough questions today. You can find her information at the bottom of my post. Be sure to check out her website and novels! 1) What am I working on?   Lately, I'm working on moving my oldest back from University and helping him find a job. Writing wise, I'm at work on the third book in the  Wild Blue Mysteries  series called  The Bakery Lady . I am also gnawing on my fingernails while my agent queries another one of my mysteries  Death of a Jaded Samurai . 2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?   One of the book series that prompted me to become more serious about writing was Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum novels. I loved the sense of humor and romance, but wanted something a little more. My  Wild Blue Mysteries  also has a sense of humor and romance and is a borderline cozy mystery, meaning I use two points of view in each book - a man an

On Air Book Review and a Fear of Success

After the March 22 book signing at BookLore, I was approached by Ann Moyer from Mix 88.1 in Erin, Ontario. Ann had found my book in BookLore, enjoyed it and wanted to do an on-air book review on her radio spot on April 2, 2014. In order to prepare her piece, she and I sat down together in my kitchen for a one hour interview about me, my books, my writing, and a bit about what she would say in her review. I do have the review recorded, but am someone technically challenged. I will have it online as soon as I can figure out how! One of her questions that struck me was "Did you write this with turning it into a movie in mind?" I'm sure there are some writers out there who wouldn't want to see their work on the big screen. Hollywood has a habit of changing things to fit their time frames, but turning books into movies have done great things to get many authors' names out to the general public. While there are many cases of the movies not meeting the high standard