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While at a writing meeting today, I learned one of the other members, Mary Patricia Bird, wrote a review of Murder on Manitou. What a nice surprise! I was very flattered and included the link here for anyone else to read:   My writing career has been moving along lately. Final edits have been done to The Bookstore Lady and my agent has all the query information she needs. Our next step is submitting to publishers and being patient for one of them to snap it up. More babysteps. It's not an easy process, but it will be worth the wait.   When I started writing, I thought everything I wrote was brilliant and showed it to my mom. I'm sure she got sick and tired of reading all my drivel after a while. Even when I moved away, I sent her copies of manuscripts, one of which I know she still has tucked in a closet somewhere in typical mom fashion.   As I've grown and honed my skills