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March Round Robin

Top o' the mornin' to ye! Welcome to a wee bit of the blarney post-Irish Whiskey, to be sure. Pour a cup of Irish Breakfast and put your feet up for a wee bit of readin'.... Today's topic was suggested by gent named Dr. Bob who knows a lovely lass named Anna Jacobs, a bestselling author who has 77 books to her credit! She was complainin' of being emotionally drained by writing a scene and asked him, "Are you sure our characters aren't real?" That leads us to today's topic:  Are you ever a wee bit drained writin' certain scenes and how real are your characters to you? I have always been told I have an overactive imagination. Storytelling and writing have always come as naturally to me as breathing and my characters have always been my constant companions. In fact, the more I write, the more real my characters feel to me. I described it to someone lately like having a song in your head that just won't leave. For me, a lot of the ti

Three Steps Forward

A few weeks ago I did something I'd always wanted to do, but kept putting off. I got a tattoo. Sounds normal enough, right? Considering I've written about a tattoo artist in The Mystery Lady as well as The Bakery Lady , you'd think this would be something I'd done before. By the way, there is also a tattoo artist in Life is Better Brunette . Nope. Okay, so here was my design that I doodled and toyed with for a long time... I kept it in my desk drawer, on my bulletin board, wherever. I just kept putting off actually getting inked. Chicken? Maybe. Selective about who I let stick needles in my ankle? Kind of. Anyway, I ended up with an appointment at a local shop called Citrus City with some guy named Matt. I went for the consultation, which was a bit of a blur since he was very busy at the time. No problem. When I returned that Thursday, Matt (still one very busy guy!) whipped up this amazing sketch and turned out to be fun to hang out with fo