So many contests...

So many contests, so little time. I've been involved with Wynterblue Publishing's Murder in Ink contest. Recently - yesterday! - it went from being a chapter by chapter murder mystery to being a full novella. Big change but that means I can get into it full steam and submit it when I'm done. No more waiting for the last chapter so I can move on.

Also signed up for a local art class. I'm looking forward to one whole afternoon of painting every week. It gets me away from the computer now and then. I just have to pick a theme for the paintings I'll create over the next 8 weeks. Hmmm... an obvious one would be anything to do with the beach. Warmth. I like being warm. Maybe even something about autumn. It still have a week to decide. I'll keep you posted.

Hubby's gone to karate camp this week. The kids and I will play! More fodder for my writing. Padded Walls is nearly half done now. I've had a lot of cancellations this week that has let me get a lot of writing done. That and I have these characters haunting me and forcing me to write this story. I already know how it ends though. Bummer. It's more fun when I don't know the end until the end. As you can tell, I don't always plan my books out. Sometimes I think I know what's going to happen but some character decides that's not going to happen.

Sounds crazy right? This lady's gone off the deep end? I know I'm not alone. There are others like me out there. They're all in my writing group too! LOL

Have a great weekend! I'll be busy collecting leaves, stories, and anything else that blows my way!


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