I have been diligent this past couple weeks about getting a first draft of my new novel Padded Walls completed. Not due to some wonderful deadline and publishing date - I wish! - but due to my taking a week off. I'm dropping out of the rat race and attending a painting workshop for an entire week! Since I've never done anything like this before I'm VERY excited!

One whole week with no work, no writing (Yeah, right!), and no kids.
Just me slapping around lots of paint which sounds kind of naughty actually.
Hope I don't end up sticking paint brushes in my coffee again, that tastes so bad . . .

So, for the rest of this week I'll be editing, cleaning house, submitting my novels, and getting the rest of the toys I need for my workshop. Well, the order of that might change a bit here and there. Shopping is a lot more fun than working! But it will get done!

Thanks again to Brian Henry who taught a fun class for the Headwaters Writers' Guild on plotting short stories and novels. It's a good sign when you can walk away from a workshop and be totally inspired to write or paint!


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