A Romantic Life

I always find Christmas to be a dreamy, romantic time of year. Put aside the hustle and bustle and what you have left are moony eyed children making dreams and counting on magic to make the season bright. Friends and loved ones draw closer through force of nature and good will. We all try to be a little nicer to each other this time of year. Well, some of us do.

Romance is not for the faint of heart. Granted, I speak not of the heart-pounding, pulse-racing lust of a new relationship. I think of Romance as fulfilling your dreams and following your life's quest with Passion. Many of us have a less "practical" side that allows us to be dreamers and moony eyed children all year long. The Romantics are those of us who pursue their dreams with fervor.

I consider myself to be a Romantic. I am an artist, a lyricist, and a writer and I do each of these with passion. Passion ebbs and flows like the tides. It's easy to either ride the waves or get caught in the undertow. Lately, I've been in the undertow. Actually, that's were I was for many years. Denying my creative side and shoving the moony eyed child in the closet for safe keeping so she didn't get hurt by criticism and disappointment.

My moony eyed child is stronger than that. She fought back and developed a tougher shell. She smacked me across the head when I whine about not having time, energy, or focus.

Just write. Just paint. Just create. The Passion will follow.


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