Beware the Ides of March...

It's been a weird week in my house. My mom came out for March Break so we spent a few days going day trips and shopping. Part way into her visit, Uncle John passed away. He's my husband's uncle. We've become very close to him since he and his daughter are the only family we have in Ontario. It has been difficult for our kids (and us) to grasp the idea that he is gone - especially for my 8 year old who always calls him Grandpa John.

In the midst of all the chaos, I chose to go to my writing group meeting last Sunday. I haven't had time to write during the past two weeks so it was hard to get my pen moving across the page again. My mind was elsewhere, but I did get something I can use for my new book. I also got my first copies of Stories of Prayer and Faith from Gloria. They are already spoken for by family. Even the more unsupportive members. My husband has been showing it to everyone he's Skyped since Sunday.

Yesterday I was reading A Writer's Workbook by Caroline Sharp. One paragraph jumped out at me that I found comforting in the midst of chaos:
"A writer writes. That's just about it. A writer writes all the time, not because they have to, but because that is who they are, and they can't really envision their life any other way."
"Creative people need to be still with themselves. That is the best way to know yourself and your opinions - and figure out how to express them."

Keep on writing even through the rain. Soon the sun will shine.


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