Stories of Prayer and Faith

I took two copies of Stories of Prayer and Faith to work with me yesterday. I sold 3! A lot of my co-workers are very excited about it as well so I had to order a few more copies. I also passed along the information that there will be a book launch at Book Lore here in Orangeville on April 12 at 7pm. There will be another one at Eramosa Eden on April 18. That one is more of a "Meet the Authors" gathering. No matter, I'm looking forward to both!

Today is gloomy and I have company for a few days, but I'm looking forward to getting outside in my yard. It's a wonderful treat to walk around the dewy grass in the summer in bare feet and take pictures of the magnificent flowers that bloom around me. It's okay, my neighbours understand that I'm one of "those". The artsy types who does strange things. This summer it will involve multi-coloured wine bottles on the back deck in the sunshine. Could make for a cool book cover or just some amazing pictures.

This weekend, I'm bringing more paintings for display in town. This time at the local hospital. I'm not sure which ones I'm bringing yet. I still have to wire them and give them a dusting off. They've been hanging in my livingroom since November. I'm thinking I may bring some abstract art this time. Be daring and different.

Sometimes being a writer or an artist, we have to strive to try new things or we blend in with the crowd and no one notices us. That's not always a bad thing but does it help us to grow as an artist if we don't take the chance?


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