Company's Coming...

I am taking a week off to do some hiking and sightseeing with my brother and his wife. They arrive tonight from Alberta. When they arrive, I will be somewhere in a canola field doing a photoshoot.

You read that right. The Headwaters Writers' Guild is finally kicking our anthology production into high gear. Stories have been submitted and are being edited. Our group photographer is going to be busy doing a group photo shoot this afternoon as well as taking headshots on July 11. We'll see what comes back from that!

My biggest problem with the photo shoot is that I don't know what to wear. Something that stands out against bright yellow and something not too light because the breeze is cool today and . . . who knew I'd be having these sorts of issues before my own novels are even published!

After today, the kids are done school for the summer. I hope to get in lots of hiking and a bit of camping between work and editing. No new novels for me this summer. Editing only. Ideas can come and visit, but will be relegated to the file cabinet. Really. Well, unless they are really good ideas and sweep me off my feet and into another world. Then we'll talk.

Have a great summer, I'll be in touch....


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