Hi ho, hi ho...

It's been a busy couple of months for me. We've been short staffed at my "day job" so I haven't had a lot of time to write or submit. What precious time I have had, has been spent editing. I am lucky to have some great readers/editors in the Headwaters Writer's Guild who have been nudging me along with my work.

I had a boost of inspiration this weekend by an email from Wynterblue Publishing. They host a 24 hour contest every month with different prompts to get your juices flowing. If you are a member, they are free to enter. If not, they ask for $5. Being a member, I decided to get on board and write a 1,500 word short story. I even entered it.

This got me on a roll this weekend. I also submitted a short story called "Tula's Miracle" to Glimmertrain.
AND another short called "Ball of Beige Wool" to the Dorothy Shoemaker Literary Contest out of the Kitchener Public Library. The Wynterblue contest may be closed by now, but the other two go on until the end of October for Glimmertrain (they always have contests brewing) and the end of November for KPL.
Feel free to join me!

Now that I've got the contest stuff out of my hair, I'm back to editing and working on two new stories, one of which is for my kids and their patience with me is running out quickly.

This week will be another busy work week, but I know I've gotten some submissions in and that makes me feel a lot more like a writer than I've been feeling lately.


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