It's raining, it's pouring...

There's a gentle rain that has been falling all night. Much nicer to wake up to than the frost on the lawn yesterday. Frost is too closely related to snow for my taste! I find rain to be good for my writing. I'm forced to stay indoors and at my computer since I can't be out working in the yard or walking. (Although I could get the laundry done if I wanted.)

Today, however, I am using the rain to my benefit. Editing and writing top the list.
I attended a Brian Henry writing workshop Oct 2 to learn more about writing for children and young adults. From that workshop, I have been inspired to do two things. 1) Edit the two or three YA book I have tucked in a closet and 2) start to write a book for my two younger boys.

The editing part is causing less stress than having to create a new chapter every night! At least the boys are having fun listening to it and giving me more and more ideas. I take note of the suggestions and use the ones that will fit the storyline. So far I've discovered two things: my kids have great imaginations and (thanks to me and Gordon Korman) they are terrified of going to summer camp! Good thing it's autumn.

Fall is a great time for reaping ideas, squirreling them away and using them up all winter.
Happy squirreling!


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