Two Weeks Before Christmas...

I've been having a hard time getting into the whole Christmas spirit this year. We live 2000 miles away from our family and have no visitors this year. Not to mention we've had no snow until now.
Today, Dec 12, we've been blessed.
First of all, it started to snow today. Everything is white and fresh.
Secondly, I hosted the HWG Christmas Luncheon while my husband went to a karate seminar.

Not all of the HWG group was here, but the ones to joined the party had a wonderful time. Plenty of food. Great conversation. And my cats. I was worried about the cats causing problems but they were wonderful. Oscar slept the entire time, Jazz made his rounds as a social butterfly. He checked out all of our guests - heads and feet - and seemed to approve of them all. Tonight, Jazz was asleep on the foot of my son's bed. Exhausted from the festivities. So were the kids!

As writers, we all had a similar complaint. Not enough time/too busy to write. Although today gave some of us a lot of inspiration. The company, the snow and the food.

We did get to see the proof of our book A Walk in Fields of Gold which should be in our cold little hands later this week. A step toward getting more work published.

I've made the same New Year's Resolution for the past several years: to have my own book published.
This year, 2010, I've had stories published in two anthologies, A Walk in Fields of Gold and Stories of Prayer and Faith, and photographs published in Escarpment Views and more lyrics recorded on my dad's albums.

In 2011, I'm making an even bigger push to get my own novels published.
One baby step at a time, I'm making my dream of being a "real writer" come true.
Stay tuned to track my progress!


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