A Dream One Step Closer to Reality

In February, I announced that I'd won the Murder in Ink contest run by Wynterblue Publishing out of North Bay, Ontario. Since then, I've learned a few more details. One is that my book "Murder on Manitou" will be published in November 2011 so I am currently editing and polishing. There will be an awards banquet as well as workshops taking place in North Bay November 18, 19 and 20th. I'll be sure to post more details as I hear them or you can check out http://www.wynter.ca/. Wynterblue also offers some great contests that run all year.

I've been doing some spring cleaning in an attempt to find homes for the novels I've written that are currently gathering dust on my bookshelf. I've had three great friends reading The Bookstore Lady to help me polish it for submission. The whole idea of soon having one novel in print is motivating me to push forward. I have also entered a couple of other contests lately: the Toronto Star Short Story Contest and the WOW (Women on Writing) Winter Contest. I'll let you know if anything comes from these.

Time to get to some editing.
Keep Writing!


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