Kame and Kettle Art Show

I've been busy the past few days between waiting around for electricians and editing Murder on Manitou, my soon-to-be released novella by Wynterblue Publishing in November 2011. Today, however, I took a break to attend an art show.

This wasn't just any art show. This was the 20th Anniversary of the Kame & Kettle Art Group here in Orangeville, more special to my heart because a few of its members are friends of mine. My kids weren't exactly thrilled at the whole idea of going at first, but once they saw some of the paintings, they were hooked. Congratulations to Darlene Hassall, Andrea Trace, Emilia Perri, all ladies I've had the pleasure of painting with in the past. The show was fabulous and I came away with tons of inspiration and new artists to admire. It was nice to hear them ask, "Where are your pieces? When are you going to join us?" Very flattering!

The best part about the whole show was that we were able to buy a catalogue of all the pieces we'd seen and Alex got the autograph of the lady whose work he admired most - Darlene. It was nice to see old friends and feel inspired to not only write, but get back to painting when I get the chance.

Happy March Break!


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