Another year, more goals

On Friday a group of friends were at my house listening to music and slashing magazines. As part of our journey through The Artist's Way, we worked on finding images for Vision Boards. While Julie Cameron told us to create boards that reflect our lives, I used mine to create the life I want to settle into over the coming year. I have lots of images of yoga, reiki, writing and of bringing great things into my life that I've been striving for.

Actually, my Vision Board hasn't changed much over the past 5 years. I still want to write. I still want to paint. I want to learn more about yoga and get back in shape after barely being able to walk over the past year now that my back and legs are getting stronger. It's amazing what pinched nerves and a minor slip can do to one's back.

This year, I also have writing goals. I have already submitted a short story for one contest. I am working hard on getting The Bookstore Lady ready for my agent by the end of January (sooner if possible!) I'm also working on the second book, The Mystery Lady to have submitted in February. AND, if that's not enough to take on this year, I'm putting together a collection of short stories and a novella. The name is still a secret. Those are my goals this year, aside from the usual "get in shape", "eat better", etc.

Once the glue on my Vision Board dries, I'll post a picture of it. Hopefully it can keep me on track since it's going to sit right beside my desk - in the line of sight from my new exercise bike, which I'll use right after I take the laundry off it.

Best of everything in 2012!


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