Amazing Things

It's amazing the things that can happen when we ask. Whether it's for health, for a new career or just for a great story idea. All we need to do is ask and our wish, in some form, will be granted. It's not always a perfect theory. We do have to assist the Divine. As writers, for example, we still have to sit and take pen in hand. We have to still our minds from the every day nonsense and allow the muse to flow.

Over the past 13 weeks, I've been part of an Artist's Way group. I have to say I've learned many things about myself and the women I worked with. I've learned I'm much stronger than I thought and can stand up for myself and others when I have to. I've learned that I am a talented writer and have the ability to clear my mind and receive the muse. I can take success just as well as I can take failure.

The ability to "roll with the punches," or being flexible, is something we all need in life. Not everything goes the way we expect whether it be a book, a painting or even a meeting. Sometimes life hands us a curveball and we have to adapt. Failure teaches us that we need to rethink our strategies. Success tells us we are on the right path but can't sit back and let life "happen." We need to work with success to make our dreams come true.

I'm fortunate to know many people who think the way I do. People who keep plugging away until, one day, they become an "over night success." People who don't give up because one agent/publisher said "This isn't right for me." People who celebrate not only their own successes, but encourage and celebrate the successes of others.

As artists, as human beings, we need to share both the successes and failures. We need to support each other and help make life as easy for one another as possible. Our greatest failure is when we let each other down.

In honour of Valentine's Day, take time to hug, encourage and talk to another person.
Love spreads through small deeds. One step at a time.


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